You Had Me At Eat

Episode 50: You Had Me At Eat last-minute gluten-free gift guide

December 17, 2023 You Had Me At Eat Season 2 Episode 50
Episode 50: You Had Me At Eat last-minute gluten-free gift guide
You Had Me At Eat
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You Had Me At Eat
Episode 50: You Had Me At Eat last-minute gluten-free gift guide
Dec 17, 2023 Season 2 Episode 50
You Had Me At Eat

Something on your mind? Erica & Jules would love to hear from you!

Looking for a gift for a certain gluten-free someone in your life? Don't worry, Jules and Erica still haven't found all of their gifts for 2023 Christmas yet! Listen to this episode for their gluten-free favorite finds for you this holiday!

gfJules Gift Guide 
Lekue Sourdough Set
Sourhouse by Goldie Sourdough House
Peugeot Saveur Loaf Pan
gfJules Bread mix
gfJules bread machine review
gfJules bread lovers package
Embossed rolling pin 
R&M international cookie cutters
gfJules mini gingerbread house cutters
gfJules Cookie mix in a jar
Nordic Ware bundt pans
Cangshan Oliv knife set
Dreamfarm fluicer
Dreamfarm ograte
Hedley & Bennett apron
Gluten Dude stickers
Regular” by Tamara Duke Freuman RD
Mind Your Gut” by Riehl PsyD and Scarlata RD
Well Told glassware
Words with Boards 

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Show Notes Transcript

Something on your mind? Erica & Jules would love to hear from you!

Looking for a gift for a certain gluten-free someone in your life? Don't worry, Jules and Erica still haven't found all of their gifts for 2023 Christmas yet! Listen to this episode for their gluten-free favorite finds for you this holiday!

gfJules Gift Guide 
Lekue Sourdough Set
Sourhouse by Goldie Sourdough House
Peugeot Saveur Loaf Pan
gfJules Bread mix
gfJules bread machine review
gfJules bread lovers package
Embossed rolling pin 
R&M international cookie cutters
gfJules mini gingerbread house cutters
gfJules Cookie mix in a jar
Nordic Ware bundt pans
Cangshan Oliv knife set
Dreamfarm fluicer
Dreamfarm ograte
Hedley & Bennett apron
Gluten Dude stickers
Regular” by Tamara Duke Freuman RD
Mind Your Gut” by Riehl PsyD and Scarlata RD
Well Told glassware
Words with Boards 

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*some links may be affiliate links; purchasing through these links will not cost you more, but will help to fund the podcast you ❤️

Erica [00:00:13]:

Hey. I'm Erica.

Jules [00:00:14]:

And I'm Jules. Most people have at least 1 thing that they can't or won't eat.

Erica [00:00:19]:

Now we're definitely like that.

Jules [00:00:21]:

When we started this podcast to talk about the gluten free food industry,

Erica [00:00:25]:

Like new products and some of the stories behind your favorite brands.

Jules [00:00:29]:

And living life with especially diet and also some important health care topics.

Erica [00:00:33]:

Since we're basically both broken inside, You Had Me At Eat

Jules [00:00:49]:


Erica [00:00:50]:

Oh, my IBS just hit so bad right now. I just feel like the 2nd I turn on record, my body's like, whatever you're doing, don't do it. Hate that for you. Welcome to another episode of How to Eat. Oh god. I'm dying inside. Hello. Hi.

Erica [00:01:09]:

So sorry. Merry Christmas?

Jules [00:01:15]:

Yeah. Been there.

Erica [00:01:17]:

Yeah. So, happy happy Hanukkah. Hanukkah's done. Great check mark. 1 holiday done. We've got, what, 15 days until Christmas, 10 days until Christmas. That's terrifying. Yeah.

Erica [00:01:31]:

That's terrifying. Oh. I panicked, Like, probably 2 days ago and went online, it was just like, oh my god. I wanna order this. And then it was like, no guarantee delivery before Christmas. And I'm like, great. So we have all these, like, Local maker markets this weekend, and I'm really just, like, praying that I can get something.

Jules [00:01:50]:

Yeah. No. I know. It actually hit me as well. You know, I'm just my own little world of, like, work, work, work, work, work, and then I'm pretty much, oh, wait. I haven't bought any Christmas presents. And, you know, today is our last, You know, shipping day. Right? I don't even wanna say guaranteed because the freaking, like, shippers that we all rely upon, no one will guarantee anything.

Jules [00:02:12]:

But we're saying, you know, please order by today in order for, you know, best opportunity to have your stuff delivered and

Erica [00:02:18]:

make total actually make I know.

Jules [00:02:20]:

And and I'm like, wait. I haven't ordered any presents. I'm telling everyone to order their flowers so they can bake before Christmas, and I haven't ordered any gifts yet. Mean, at least I know I have flour. I can bake I can I can bake everyone in Christmas gifts? That's what I'll do. Hope you're local. You know? Hope you don't know because it's You're not getting any any gifts from me. You're not little.

Erica [00:02:41]:

Yeah. I know. I I just was reminded in this conversation to look At my, shipping for Matt's Christmas gift that I got, it's like a very customized special

Jules [00:02:51]:

No. You're gonna give it to

Erica [00:02:51]:

him for his birthday. Gonna have to give it to him. It's Still stuck in China, 5 days ago. I don't know if that's gonna make it inside. It literally has said, like, expected delivery, December 18th for 2 weeks now. So that's Horrible.

Jules [00:03:13]:

That's unlikely. But, you know, you're blessed that he has a birthday coming up soon.

Erica [00:03:18]:

Just so I really think this is a beautiful Christmas gift. Like, the magic of the holidays. Yeah. Whatever. Oh god. I know. Magic. Whatever.

Erica [00:03:28]:

I I do this every year where I'm just like, Panic time, and I used to be so good at it. I honestly think that when we worked at the magazine and we were doing Christmas Yeah. In August so much better.

Jules [00:03:41]:

That was thinking about it.

Erica [00:03:43]:

I was, like, right, literally thinking about it, and I don't know. I mean, I'm in Valentine's Day right now for the next issue of the kids magazine that we're working on, but I I I feel like I really am not haven't gotten into the spirit yet. We've decorated. We've done all that. But maybe tonight when I go to, like, all the local craft Markets all feel better about everything. I don't know.

Jules [00:04:09]:

Probably not. I I don't know. I'm not. I'm definitely not in the spirit. Like, I'm wearing my my shirt. We're gonna go get a Christmas tree tonight. Yeah. I hope so.

Jules [00:04:20]:

I was waiting for my girl to come home from school to decorate with me and play Christmas music and get a Christmas tree. And she came home and left again. Left me high and dry.

Erica [00:04:32]:

Kids. Kids. Took the Christmas spirit right with her. How dare she. It's it's it's 75 degrees here. So just definitely feel like that, like, Christmassy whatever. It just doesn't

Jules [00:04:44]:

You know what that reminds me of? And and and I know this is not gonna resonate with you, but I just have to tell you. When my kids are little, they watch this show called The Wiggles.

Erica [00:04:54]:

Do you remember The Wiggles? The Wiggles, Potato. Potato. Potato. Yeah.

Jules [00:04:58]:

Yeah. Okay. Well, The Wiggles are an Australian show and and Australia. Summer. Christmas is summer. Right? And so they would do all their Christmas songs on the beach, and it was hot. And I would be like, this is so weird. You know? I I can't even, like, Wrap my head around Christmas being hot, but it's it's hot for some people all the time.

Erica [00:05:19]:

And their toilet, goes backwards.

Jules [00:05:21]:

Yeah. In Australia. That's less about Christmas, but yes.

Erica [00:05:25]:

Do you know that the wiggles are still touring?

Jules [00:05:28]:

Yeah. That's why wiggles, not the same wiggles. Are you sure? I am a positive. I think Greg may have even passed away. He had, like, a disease of some kind. God. God. I know.

Jules [00:05:41]:

They they get People do do get older. You know? He wasn't the youngest wiggle when you started.

Erica [00:06:01]:

Anyway, I'm gonna have to fact check that later. But, This looks great. Slightly off

Jules [00:06:10]:

the list. Pass away. I mean, I'm not, like, willing him to have passed away, but I feel like In the dark, you think

Erica [00:06:15]:

all dead. My mind. I think they're all dead.

Jules [00:06:17]:

I think they're all wiggles are dead. I don't think they're all dead. But, no, they just recycle through different people, and they just wear the same color shirt. That's how the wiggles work. First of all,

Erica [00:06:31]:

you're really fact checking this right now. I am. The yeah. Yeah. By the way, the original Wiggles are all alive. And

Jules [00:06:45]:

Thank goodness. I feel much better now.

Erica [00:06:47]:

There there's only 1 original wiggle left in the group, and he's 66.

Jules [00:06:52]:

Ouch. That's that's too old to be a wiggle. I'm sorry. I I just think that's that's you've aged out of your wiggle

Erica [00:07:00]:

Also, the person didn't die. He just had, like, severe health problems, and he laughed, the wiggles. Yeah. Yeah.

Jules [00:07:05]:

Okay. I knew that. I'm glad he didn't die.

Erica [00:07:07]:

The wiggles are all done. Congratulations. If you didn't like that song haptato that I just sang,

Jules [00:07:12]:

I'll never hear it

Erica [00:07:13]:

again. Anyway, I love Christmas.

Jules [00:07:19]:

Yeah. Anyway The whole point of this

Erica [00:07:24]:

podcast today, Last week about the wiggles? Last week, we covered the magic of holiday baking, which sounds Incredible. I have enough sourdough now to literally make everything that sourdough can be made into. I We have a sourdough problem now. I fed it sorghum, and it, like, loves sorghum. Mhmm. And it, like, loved it so much to where we now have so much sourdough. We had to, like, put some in the fridge to not be fed for a while and, like, to use later. We have so much sourdough, and we've been making these amazing sourdough waffles, which is great because we can make them and then freeze them and use them for later.

Erica [00:08:04]:

But now it's just like we've got To, really start pumping out the holiday sourdough. Maybe everyone gets a sourdough combo.

Jules [00:08:14]:

For you for you. For everyone. Everybody gets sourdough. Great. I know. I I have the same problem because I started making sourdough right after you did. I started a new starter, and, I now have 3 jars because as as we know, and I've gone over explicitly on my sourdough post. I have A sourdough problem.

Jules [00:08:33]:

I can't throw away the discards. I get sad, and I I just can't throw it away. So I now have jars of discards everywhere, and I, like, Huddle them around my sourdough warmer to keep them warm as well. And yeah. Yeah. So I need to find some things to do with all of my sourdough as well.

Erica [00:08:50]:

Well, if you have any ideas, let me know because I have a lot to give away, and that's all I'm giving as gifts apparently, unless I find anything.

Jules [00:08:56]:

You know what?

Erica [00:08:57]:

You know what? I I

Jules [00:08:58]:

just I had this brilliant idea. Instead of giving sourdough bread away, just give sourdough starter away. Feel like the friendship bread of old. Do you remember? Yeah.

Erica [00:09:08]:

Do you remember that? Excellent idea. Nobody in my family is gonna make sourdough.

Jules [00:09:12]:

It's not about that. It's about it's like the white elephant. Like, here, Here's your gift. If you don't want it, that's your problem. Like, if you if you're gonna throw it away, don't tell me about it.

Erica [00:09:23]:

Here's a yeasty gift That may or may not attract gnats in your kitchen. Good luck. Yeah. Mhmm. So let's talk Okay. Let's talk about real gifts.

Jules [00:09:34]:

But that is a real gift. That's one of the the best gifts.

Erica [00:09:37]:

Oh, yes. It's true. It's true. It's true. This is a good gift.

Jules [00:09:40]:

It is a good gift. So, Anyway, I've I have updated my holiday gift guide, and I added the sourdough jars to it. Because in this whole process Of doing this, I have discovered this great I mean, I I've tried different sourdough jars, and I've tried, you know, cheesecloth on top, which I offered all different things, which is totally fine and workable. But as you've identified, in certain environments, the gnats can be an issue, and There can be problems with, you know, other things creeping into your sourdough. But cats creeping into your sourdough. Cats and gnats can be problems. But these Liqueux jars, I really, really like, and I put them in my gift guide because they have, like, a It's like a flap on the top that allows for CO 2 to escape the jars when the sourdough is, You know, churning and and creating the the CO 2. So it can escape and, actually, Excess dough can come out the top as you and I have both you and I have both experienced that.

Jules [00:10:47]:

Yes. Yeah. The sourdough babies have exploded. My sourdough named Audrey has has a life of its own, and it comes out through that whole but nothing comes in, which is awesome. And so I really like those Liqueux jars. And so that's on my list of things. If you have a friend who's into sourdough, I really think that that sourdough starter set from Le COO is a great gift. Yeah.

Jules [00:11:08]:

These are the really nice spatula that I really like. And everyone keeps taking that spatula. I've got how many I've got 4 14 spatulas in my spatula drawer, and that 1, the new spatula that came with that Liqueux set is the one that everyone is now using in my kitchen to make eggs and, like, all kinds of stuff. I'm like, that's my Liqueux spatula for Sourdough. Why are

Erica [00:11:26]:

you using it? Only special.

Jules [00:11:28]:

It's my sourdough only special. Yeah. So it's a great set. I really like it.

Erica [00:11:32]:

Yeah. I mean, what a great gift to give and especially with, like, just maybe a bag of flowers to start you off with. It's like, here's your journey. You know? Good luck. Yep. Its name is so and so. Please take care of it.

Jules [00:11:45]:

Just like Thank you. It could be we could put, like, some name tags with it too. That'd be your fun. I decided I was gonna make my sourdough this time with my new multigrain

Erica [00:11:56]:

The big skit.

Jules [00:11:57]:

Skit. Mhmm. Yeah. I was using sourdough. Loving it. Yeah. It's really, really liking them a lot.

Erica [00:12:03]:

So Yeah.

Jules [00:12:04]:

That's Audrey is made from the the multigrain.

Erica [00:12:07]:

Actually, so are mine from the biscuit mix. Really? Nice.

Jules [00:12:13]:

Very nice.

Erica [00:12:13]:

And then it got really cold, and then it shut down, and so I had to add some whole grain back to it, and I'm actually getting a warmer for it. Mhmm. So as we know, if It's cold. Sourdough doesn't function Right. The best. It usually functions within a good 70 to 80 degree, What other weather? And, so I had to buy a warmer, but Jules also has a gift on there to help with your sourdough warming problems. Tell me about Goldie.

Jules [00:12:41]:

Yes. So when we actually when we were at, Housewares last year, I discovered this company. It's a, company called Sour House, And they were started in Asheville, North Carolina, and they started during the pandemic when everyone started making sourdough. And they Created this little house, they call it. It's basically like a glorified, you know, warmer for it's a plate For your sourdough, so you put your jar of sourdough starter on it, and it has this really beautiful domed, you know, bowl kind of thing that goes over it. And the nice thing about it is that you put it in any environment, And it has, like, this auto feature that senses what the temperature is. And if your room's too hot or too cold, it'll adjust the temperature automatically. So it's not like it's just Always on, and you have to, you know, monitor the heat or whatever.

Jules [00:13:35]:

So it's got it has a sensor that'll make it the perfect temperature for your For your sourdough and, my house is very chilly, and so it's always on. The temperature is always trying to crank up for the for my Audrey, And, it's really great. It's and it looks nice, and it doesn't take up a lot of space. It's classy. So it's another it is classy looking, and that's a good way So that's another really great gift for somebody who, you know, if you know someone who's really into sourdough, it's a really nice nice gift. And they also do sell sourdough starter jars on their website as well. So I have that linked on the, the gift guide.

Erica [00:14:11]:

What are some other favorite gift ideas that you have Or people

Jules [00:14:15]:

Well, I kinda cook. So what I decided to do with my gift guide this year was I sort of chunked it into like, so there's a bread section. So that's the sourdough part of that bread section. And, you know, so they're in that section. There's some other things. Like, I have got some really great Bread pans, and I'm really liking them like that from Peugeot. Peugeot Severe. Yes.

Jules [00:14:37]:

Yes. I love that bread pan. It's beautiful. It's like a, It's not a Pullman sized pan, but it's between, like, a regular sized, loaf pan and a Pullman sized pan, which is perfect for my, For my bread mix because my bread mix makes such a huge loaf that it actually works really well, in that size, Pan, and they come in different colors. And the thing as I've mentioned before on this podcast, the thing I really like about Peugeot a Sauveur is that it's Really high end ceramic wear just like Le Creuset, but it's at a lower price point. And so I know you love your Le Creuset, and who doesn't love Le Creuset? But not everyone can afford it. Or, you know, maybe you want more than 1 piece. And For real.

Jules [00:15:21]:

They and they have, You know, all these very, very similarly sized and shaped, pieces, and they're just much more affordable. And I just think they're stunning. And so, like, that bread pan is on there. I also really like, cast iron For baking bread, and I have a cast iron pan on there that I really like. I also have, of course, a link to my bread maker post, which is Going crazy right now. Everyone's emailing me and writing in, like, what's

Erica [00:15:51]:

your favorite bread maker? Because it's a great

Jules [00:15:53]:

gift to give someone at

Erica [00:15:54]:

the house. A good gift. I would Honestly, I think it's such a great gift because it's truly the gift that keeps on giving. It does. It does. You can just It's it's it's wonderful, and it's magical. And for people that have never tried to bake bread in a bread machine, like, It's so easy. Yeah.

Erica [00:16:14]:

It is. When you get the right bread maker. When you get the right bread maker and you get the right flour Yeah. To be honest. Yeah. Oh, absolutely. You have to have

Jules [00:16:22]:

the right mix. But it's funny because everyone wants that sweet spot of $100 or below, for their bread maker. And I'm trying, you guys. I really am. I've been Testing bread machines, and I just I don't know what it is about a lot of these companies. And I I mean, I've looked and looked and looked, And they just keep programming these machines, like, as if they were made for gluten, and they're just not gonna produce The quality bread loaf that you're looking for, it's gonna be a denser loaf because the machine setting is wrong. And if you're gonna make that investment in a bread machine, you might as well make an investment in a machine that's gonna produce good low for you. I was just talking to a customer today who has a Cuisinart, and, you know, I I talk to customers all the I'm who have different machines, and and the Cuisinart are notorious for not being large enough or baking long enough.

Jules [00:17:24]:

And so then if you're gonna bake Your loaf, and then you're gonna have to take it out of the machine and stick it in the oven. It's like like, what's the point? You know, I mean, and there's there's some element of of ease there, but, like, you know, it's just there's just different problems that come with different machines. So, you know, take a look at the the reviews that I have on there. Now I I did find a couple other machine options, and I I had put them in the comments to people, you know, saying like, oh, this one looks like it would be a good machine. Of course, as soon as I Did that. They sold out on Amazon. So it's a very popular post, and I'm trying to update it as fast as I can by testing other machines, but it's it's rough.

Erica [00:18:05]:

You can only do so much out there. Yeah. I mean so so let's recap. One of our favorites is Sosorushi. Yes. So it retails for around 3.99 for the Virtuoso Plus, which is the one that I have, which is the one I make it in. Also, the Maestro bread maker. I'm sorry.

Erica [00:18:27]:

My mom is texting me Chris Christmas gift ideas. And I'm like, mom, yeah. Stop.

Jules [00:18:32]:

She knows we're doing this post or this

Erica [00:18:34]:

She does. Yeah. Mhmm.

Jules [00:18:35]:

She's like

Erica [00:18:35]:

sense it. So this Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus, which is the one that we use and we like from Suzuki, retails for about 3.99. Their other one, the Maestro, which is the tall one, retails for about 3.74. So you're roughly looking around A 300 to $400 range for an ice bread machine. Right. Is that a great gift? Yes. Is that above most people's gift limits? Probably. Yeah.

Erica [00:19:04]:


Jules [00:19:05]:

It it all depends on whether you're gonna be baking bread a lot. Right? So the Panasonic, which I reviewed, which is my next most favorite Right now, is 299, and it has produced Lovely loaves, and I traveled with it to, Utah to that show that we did. Cranked out loaf after loaf after loaf, And and it's it's a beautiful machine. So I, you know, I think that that's another option for people, who are looking for another machine, that would be slightly less expensive. And then, you know, there's there's a few others out there, but, It's, you know, it's I I just don't know that it's worth spending 100 or $125 on a machine that's not gonna work great.

Erica [00:19:58]:

Yeah. That's gonna be, like, a subpar. Yeah.

Jules [00:20:00]:

Right. And then and then what happens is you you wind up with this, like, loaf that's kinda, like, Dense. Mhmm. And that's because of the way that it's programmed, and, You know, it could be so much better. And so why, you know, why would you do that? And even the ones I I was looking I spent just Too much time on this. But even the ones that they say that you can program, they they give you this limited window of programmability, and they Still have the same fatal flaw that the other machines have, which is that there's a very long second, Like, there's this there's the mix. They call it need or whatever. Then there's a rise, and it's, like, a 20 minute rise.

Jules [00:20:48]:

And then they make you, like, mix it again, and you can't get rid of that middle rise. And that's the problem is that then you're, like, beating out All of the c o two and everything that you've just let the yeast do its work to to make in this bread, You know, you you just punch all that out of it. And I don't understand why these manufacturers don't get it. They just don't understand the difference between gluten and non gluten bread. Well, it's just really hard because

Erica [00:21:20]:

we are the experts on it. I mean, not not we. You are the experts in gluten free baking. And Why why don't they have someone that understands that on their r and d team? Why don't they get it? Like, I get there if the science of Glued free baking, and you don't get it. But, anyway, that that's why I only recommend the ones that I have loved, which is the Zazirushi. And, again, you can watch

Jules [00:21:47]:

the video now. Is completely programmable. So, like, even if because the Zojirushi has the same fatal flaw, Although, the the gluten free setting is very short, so it has, like, the rise, the mix, the rise, the mix. It it does the same thing, but it's very, very short. And so it doesn't have the same effect as punching it down as much as these other ones. The problem with these other ones is they've got this long rise and then it punches it. And so what I I have a homemade setting on my Zojirushi. I don't even use the gluten free setting on my Zojirushi.

Jules [00:22:21]:

Mine's so too risky. But even if you did use the gluten free setting, it doesn't come out like a dense brick like a lot of these elements.

Erica [00:22:29]:

So whatever you give with your bread machine, if you choose to give it, make sure you always also link to Jules' bread machine post Because it'll help you better understand what the settings of the bread machine do and why it's so important to Yeah. You know, use also really good Bread mix machine mixes Yeah. And include a, a Jules bread machine or bread mix in it too. You know?

Jules [00:22:54]:

Well and that's the other thing is I tell people. I'm like, look. I test all these bread machines with my bread mix. It doesn't mean that forever and ever, amen, you have to use that bread mix. But, like, you know this bread mix produces An amazing loaf in a bread machine, and all you have to do is add water and, you know, you know, oil and what you know? So it's just Super easy. This is the way it should look. This is the size it should be, so it removes all these variables. So if it doesn't come out like that, it's the machine.

Jules [00:23:26]:

It makes it so easy, and then then you can move on. Like, then then you know you've got a good machine if it works, and then you can start know, experimenting and using other recipes and other whatever. But at least you know you've got these variables are all, you know, taken out. And then it's not you. It's the machine. It's, you know, whatever. But it's, yeah, it's been a journey. Anyway so, yeah, we'll we will link to that, and and and we'll throw a link in there too to my how to bake with a bread Sheen.

Jules [00:23:53]:

So if you get a bread machine for Christmas, then, you know, there's a whole I have a whole other post on what the best practices for using a bread

Erica [00:24:02]:

So what else do you recommend too? Like, are we looking at bread thermometers? Like, what are little things that you can give along with That kind of, like, stuff and stuff

Jules [00:24:11]:

or stuff. I always recommend bread thermometers because it it's sometimes you can't Tell if your bread is done. It'll smell done. That it'll have a nice crust on it, you know, all that kind of stuff, but you can't tell in the middle that it's done. But if you stick a bread thermometer in it, it'll always tell you whether or not it's done. And

Erica [00:24:30]:

What's the temperature for bread?

Jules [00:24:32]:

Over 205. And that and the bread thermometer works really well for cakes and things too. You, you know, you can use it for other things. And those are not expensive. I also recommend, you know, that people get an oven thermometer, and those are not expensive. I just, took a picture of 1 the other day at the grocery store. They were And they're normally, like, $6. You want them for 4.99.

Jules [00:24:55]:

Like, these are not gonna break your bank, and they would be great stocking stuffers. But, you know, how many people write to me every day and they're like, this failed, this, and I'm like, how's your oven? You know, and they go, oh my gosh, I had no idea my oven was not working right. Like, yeah. You know, most people's ovens actually don't bake accurately. And doesn't mean you have to go buy a new oven or call an oven repair man, you can actually self calibrate your oven, or you can just know that you have a hot spot in your oven. It's just understanding your oven Mhmm. And understanding that, you know, You might need to raise or lower the temperature of your oven when you're baking.

Erica [00:25:32]:

I know. I do. Mine's constantly, like

Jules [00:25:34]:


Erica [00:25:34]:

5 degrees Colder than it should be. Mhmm.

Jules [00:25:37]:

Yeah. So just little things like that. We also have a, bread baking kit on our website that, is, You know, it's got the bread mix, and I think it has a a bread thermometer. And, I don't remember all the other fun stuff in there, but one of the things that I Really love that is in it is a proofing basket, which Oh, yeah. I just think those are fun because, the bread looks so pretty when it comes out of the proofing basket. The orange is pretty. It's got, you know, little rings on it and everything like that. So those are fun gifts to give.

Jules [00:26:09]:

But yeah. So there's lots of different, You know, bread baking type of things like that. But if you're not into bread, I have a whole section on the gift guide for cookies. Cookies. Cookies. Everybody loves Cookies and the and, you know, if you're afraid of bread or whatever, then, you know, a lot of times cookies are a lot

Erica [00:26:26]:

low threshold. Baking bread. Let's clarify. Alright.

Jules [00:26:29]:

Afraid to bake your bread.

Erica [00:26:32]:

Bake your own cookies cookies are fairly easy to do yourself. So what are some of your favorite cookie items?

Jules [00:26:40]:

Well, one of the ones that I have on there is that embossed rolling pin, which I just think So beautiful. And the one that I chose to, link to is one that, gives money to Ukraine because, it was actually Hand embossed, in Ukraine, and it I use it with my, lemon shortbread cookie recipe.

Erica [00:27:01]:

Now can you make any sort of,

Jules [00:27:05]:

sugar cookie? Or is it a sugar cookie, or what kind of cookie can he do the embossed stuff with? No. They don't work with every kind of cookie. It is more of, those types of, like, you know, the shortbread y kinda cookies. I think there's a there's a I forget the name of it. There's a an Eastern European word for the kind of cookie that, Yeah. They're traditionally used for, and I can't think of the name of it right now. But

Erica [00:27:33]:

Yeah. We did all the fun, fun travel across the small world after all, traveling last episode, so we don't have to go into the history of, like, there is a Ukrainian shortbread in which this is known for, but, no, those are also very pretty, by the way, Yeah. Boxed. Yeah.

Jules [00:27:50]:

And then it's just pretty even just to display, this wooden, rolling pin. It's just really really pretty. Now, you also have a hand stamp on your gift guide too as well. And those work for shortbread and, like, sugar cookies. Yep. I've found several different stampers, like, you know, especially cookie cutters on Etsy and hand stamps and things like that, and those do work for sugar cookies. Now all this stuff on Etsy, though, I mean, you're getting to the point now where it may or may not be available for shipping, you know, in time for Christmas. But like

Erica [00:28:22]:

my Christmas gift from Etsy.

Jules [00:28:24]:

Christmas Gift. Yeah. But sometimes they are. I mean, if you're not printing it with your name on it, which a lot of these are you know, you can print with your name on it, but It's some of them already made.

Erica [00:28:32]:

Some of them are, I mean, they're they're all 3 d printed, which is rad. That's the best talk about robot overlords. Like, Hey. If that's one good thing that comes from the rise of the machines is the fact that you can three d print, like, literally any sort of cookie cutter that you want. And that's pretty rad.

Jules [00:28:55]:

Yeah. Now

Erica [00:28:56]:

I But, again, it takes a while for someone to 3 d print it. So if you're looking last minute, may not be available, But they are pretty rad.

Jules [00:29:04]:

Yeah. No. They're fun, and you can we can really literally find them that say anything and make it say anything, which is kinda cool. I like that. I I could go down a serious Etsy rabbit hole. So

Erica [00:29:16]:

Well, also, like, our so I have R&M International. It's one of my favorite brands because they make cookie cutters for literally everything. Mhmm. And that, cookie or baking supply store in, Salt Lake City that I go to that works in GG or whatever, has a wall of the R&M International cookie cutters. It's just like everything. So I have a poop cookie cutter. I have, like, just some wild cookie cutters that are there. And so they're some of my favorite to look on their website and just be like, oh my gosh.

Erica [00:29:46]:

This is just Nuts what you can get in cookie cutters.

Jules [00:29:49]:

But And those are already made. You don't have to wait for the ice cream.

Erica [00:29:51]:

We can just pick them up.

Jules [00:29:52]:

Someone else already said they wanted a poop cookie cutter before Erica.

Erica [00:29:56]:

I can't wait to flood icing that. What color? What do you think?

Jules [00:30:03]:

Well, it depends on what color of dough

Erica [00:30:05]:

you're gonna use. Depends on what you ate the night before.

Jules [00:30:09]:

Yeah. Sure. Yeah. Only you. Yeah. So, yeah, I have lots of different cookie stuff on there. Oh, gingerbread house cutters, large and small. My favorite of those Tiny.

Erica [00:30:22]:

The teeny tiny ones that you could put on your cup of cocoa. I think they're so cute. They are really cute.

Jules [00:30:27]:

I just think they're the cutest things ever, And they're so easy to make. But, I mean, the big ones aren't hard to make either. But and then oh, and then, you know, we were talking about homemade gifts Last week, like, you know, just giving, you know, food. But I have a whole thing, a post on my side about How to do, like, a cookie mix in a jar, like, you know, the layered sugar cookies I mean, the, cut, chocolate chip cookies, but I also have one for sugar cookies with the Printable labels that you can stick on there. I think that's a really nice gift. Yeah. And, let's see. What else? What other goodies do we have in here? Oh, you know what I forgot to mention when I were talking about bread? I made so many bagels yesterday.

Erica [00:31:09]:

And Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Jules [00:31:11]:

Thank you

Erica [00:31:11]:

for not bringing in this.

Jules [00:31:13]:

I know. And the when I normally make bagels, like, there's this it's a process. Like, you know, you you You make the dough. You cut it in 6 pieces, and then you roll each piece, and then you stick your thumb through the middle of it. And then you Boil it and then scoop it out and then put it on parchment and then you put it in the oven and then you flip it halfway through, whatever. Not hard. But, Like, who came out with these, like I don't know. What would you call them? They're I mean, they call them bread bagel makers, but they're not a bagel maker.

Jules [00:31:44]:

It's a silicone, Like, upside down, and it looks like something that we've You play with it.

Erica [00:31:49]:

You put your do you put your, like, your chicken on it? You know, his dispatch cock? Dispatch cock. Dispatchcracker. What are those things you put a Whole rotisserie chicken on them, they look exactly like that. And you

Jules [00:32:07]:

I'm at a loss for words. It's it's that thing that

Erica [00:32:11]:

this little crystal

Jules [00:32:12]:

thing that little kids had when we were kids and have the color rings on.

Erica [00:32:17]:

Yeah. But also, that's what you do For a chicken, it holds a whole chicken. You put the chicken on it. It's from Staub, and you put the whole chicken on it. And it you roast it, And it roast like this, and all the drippings go in that. Mhmm.

Jules [00:32:31]:

Okay. What is that called?

Erica [00:32:34]:

I don't either. I don't know.

Jules [00:32:35]:

I don't roast chickens. But anyway

Erica [00:32:38]:

I know.

Jules [00:32:40]:

We will leave it to your imagination. You put

Erica [00:32:42]:

it on you put it on the thing.

Jules [00:32:44]:

But it's this is flipping brilliant because these things, these are, like, silicone little discs that have a a pole that goes through the middle of it. And you literally take the dough ball, and you just shove it on the pole, which makes the hole. And then the dough ball slides down, and it rests on the bottom of this disc. Now the disc is perforated on the bottom, so it's got all these little holes on it, Which as we know from, like, baguette pans and things like that, which, also make great gifts, they make it, The bread crispier. Yeah. So The

Erica [00:33:21]:

air can come in and flow through it

Jules [00:33:22]:

and make

Erica [00:33:22]:

it crispy.

Jules [00:33:23]:

Exactly. But so it it is now resting on this thing with a pole through the middle. The pole is also silicone, so you can touch it and it doesn't get hot when you're messing around with the boiling and all that. It the bagel will now stay on this. This becomes the pan as well. So now you just take this, you hold it by the pole, you dip it in the boiling water, like, for, you know, a minute. It sits there, boils, and then you take it like this, and you go put it in the oven directly on the rack on that. You know? It's like its own little holder, and it sort of steams in that, and it gets nice and crispy, and it fluffs up around it, and you're done.

Jules [00:34:02]:

Like, You don't have to flip it anymore. You don't have to drain it. You don't have to nothing. Yeah. It made it made the process, which was already easy, Even easier, and the bagels turned out fantastic.

Erica [00:34:15]:

Because I honestly I don't wanna make my own bagels because of the process of all that. But using something like this Would make it so much easier to where I can just make a bagel.

Jules [00:34:25]:

Yeah. No. That I mean and making homemade bagels is so worth it because I have tried every gluten free bagel out there, and some

Erica [00:34:32]:

of them are okay. I get mine shipped in for an ungodly amount that I do not wanna say out loud, You know? Wow. By the 1 bakery that I like. Yeah. Yeah. You know, that it's like a boiled amazing bagel. Yeah. But it's also So incredibly expensive that it's like I should probably make my own.

Jules [00:34:50]:

Yeah. And this is I mean, literally, Erica, when I tell you I made 2 batches of bagels, start to finish. I mean, they were done, ready to eat in Two batches. So I had 12 beautiful, fluffy, golden bagels in under an hour. And How many come in this pack? Working the whole time. Yeah. Each pack has 6, Of the thingies

Erica [00:35:22]:

that's in it. Brilliant.

Jules [00:35:24]:

Yeah. Yeah. It was it was pretty great. I was really impressed. Of course, I put it up on my gift guide, and now they're sold out on Amazon. But, I'm gonna try to find and see if they're available.

Erica [00:35:38]:

Sur La Table In store. Oh, okay. Cool. Because I'm just looking because they also have this, like I know we're just on bread, but, like, I swear to god, if you can make your own bread, what a great holiday gift. They also have a bread maker where you can just fold up this, like, silicone mat and put it in the oven, and it's great.

Jules [00:35:53]:

I have that too. I haven't tried it yet.

Erica [00:35:55]:

Well, you have so many other ways to make bread. I'm not surprised by you not having that.

Jules [00:36:00]:

Well, they they sent me this gift back box with all these different things in it, and that was one of the things that was in it was that silicone the sourdough bread maker thingy. And they sent me the The bagel things and the cut the cutout cookie thingies, and I just haven't had a chance to use them all yet. But I when I made this bagel things, I was like, this is just life changing. I was

Erica [00:36:20]:

I was so impressed. Yeah. And they're dishwasher safe.

Jules [00:36:24]:

Yeah. But, I mean, they didn't even really get dirty.

Erica [00:36:26]:

I mean, it's just Dude, it's $25. This is so awesome.

Jules [00:36:30]:

Yeah. It was great. It was really cool. I was really impressed.

Erica [00:36:34]:

I love Sur La Table, and I love Leikoo. Cool. Alright. There

Jules [00:36:38]:

we go. A great brand. I guess I'm really sure of

Erica [00:36:40]:

the top. I guess I'm buying this for myself since I can't get it

Jules [00:36:43]:

on Amazon. I need to make So speaking of that, Sur La Table, like, what other things like that are you looking at

Erica [00:37:03]:

Yeah. So I love a good I mean, you know that I'm such a little, Such a little brat about how much I love Le Creuset. I also love the fact that, like, They have clearance outlets, and I did the factory, tour and the factory sale this year. That was incredible. I was chosen as one of their bloggers. I bought So much late crusade. I should probably just give them all away, all the things that I bought, because I don't use it. I just look at them.

Erica [00:37:34]:

I already bought you a Christmas present. You don't get late crusade, but maybe I'll think you like her say. It's also way too heavy. And then, STAUB is another one that I think is really, really awesome. Honestly, let me just show this to you. This is freaking I have this oh, god. These are so such

Jules [00:37:53]:

good gifts. So these

Erica [00:37:55]:

are the ceramic pumpkins from Staub and, it says Staub on it. Cute. And and they're just really, really cute. They are like this little outlined, ceramic thing you can bake in. You can put them out for the holidays.

Jules [00:38:09]:

What do you do you bake in them. Do you serve stuff in them?

Erica [00:38:12]:

I serve stuff in them for the holidays. They're so freaking cute. I also put them out as decorations because I have, like, 3 of them. And, 1 year, I got probably 4 of them and gave them all away to, like, my, family, and they're just so freaking adorable. And those are affordable because they're not the, how do you say in English? They're not cast iron. Obviously, anything that you get from Lake Versailles and Staab that's Cast iron is going to be incredibly expensive and also incredibly heavy. So that costs a lot to ship. But they also have all this ceramic stuff that's also very good as well.

Erica [00:38:45]:

And, Nordic Ware, you cannot go wrong with getting that. Just a beautiful bundt pan as a gift for anyone who likes baking. So they have the traditional golden beautiful bundt pans. But if you have someone who's like a baker and has kids, they have a lot of kid friendly ones that are like

Jules [00:39:00]:


Erica [00:39:01]:

A brontosaurus Or a butterfly cake. And then for weirdos like me, like, getting a Halloween haunted house Butt pan cake Mhmm. Is, like, incredible. So that I always recommend. One that we met this year, is Cangshan. And, honestly, I was not, like, a super fan of knives. They didn't have, like, a knife brand that I loved. But I really, really, really like this olive wood collection from Cangshan.

Erica [00:39:27]:

And they sent a couple to me, and they're just gorgeous knives to work with. They're incredible. And, The last 1 I'd say, and this is I mean, Cangshan knives are expensive. So, again, this is more like a, hey. If you wanna spend $400 on a bread maker for someone, You can spend $400 on a set of knives or, like, $200 if you get them a set of 2. But if you're looking for, Like, stocking stuffers, I recommend Dreamfarm because they have so many ridiculous gadgets Like a spatula, a spatula for smoothie makers. Like, so if you make a lot of smoothies, they have, like, a spatula to clean out your smoothie maker. Great.

Erica [00:40:08]:

And they're all just, like, the smartest designs. They have something new called the Fluicer, which is a new way to juice, which is great. They have this great is

Jules [00:40:18]:

So great. The best. We use ours every single day.

Erica [00:40:21]:

It's so great.

Jules [00:40:22]:

Lemon water. It is so it I mean, it It seems ridiculous, and you're just like, whatever. It's another, you know, thing to squeeze. No. No. It's all good. It's it's so much better. It is I use the OGrate Oh, yeah.

Jules [00:40:36]:


Erica [00:40:37]:

And it has 2 different sides of grading, and it is the easiest grader I've ever used, and they're just great stocking stuffers for people who like to cook because you may not think that you need this. Then once you have it, you're like, this is how could I live without this before? Yeah. So those are great. That's all the kitchen stuff that I have. Other than, like, Always a good gift for someone who you know that cooks or bakes and you don't know what exactly they cook or bake is an apron, and I love Hedley and Bennett. I received a Hedley and Bennett as a gift, and it is, I think, one of the best aprons I've ever had. It's gorgeous. It's beautiful.

Erica [00:41:17]:

You tell me what I'm It's just amazing. I got it from my neighbor, and he's like, I know you love to bake, so I got you this Hedley & Bennett. And I'm like, this is a very expensive gift, but thank you. I mean, and it's just It's what all the chefs wear.

Jules [00:41:31]:

Yeah. It's funny because, you know, people have given me so many aprons over the years, and I I don't wanna be, like, I don't like your apron. But, like, It's you do get kinda picky about your aprons. Like, I don't like a stiff apron. I don't like aprons without pockets. I don't like aprons that don't wrap a certain way. Like, I want A certain kind of apron, and it's always like that chef's apron. And I I have, like, this 1 apron I wear every single time.

Jules [00:41:56]:

It's, you know, it's like the 1 apron. You know?

Erica [00:41:58]:

Yeah. I mean, so it's an industrial it's a it's for chefs. It's for professional chefs, and Hedley and Bennett Does all the aprons for all the food network shows, all the cooking network shows, it's all. You can see and you can tell Who's wearing that? They also make, like, shoes for cooks. It's awesome. Their website's incredible. They also, like, partner up with, like, Sesame Street and all these other, like, crazy one offs that they have a Wiggles partnership. I mean, they're all dead, So how dare

Jules [00:42:29]:

you bring them up again?

Erica [00:42:31]:

Everyone needs an apron, man. I mean, we've got, like, 10. So Yeah. Matt likes to wear them when he does dishes, And I'm like, okay, man. Go for it. Yeah.

Jules [00:42:40]:

I tell you, when I I wear my other aprons is when I'm making smoothies. Because no matter what happens, I get smoothie all over me. It just, like, Splatters. There's like a

Erica [00:42:48]:

blueberry, and you're like, oh, that's

Jules [00:42:49]:

gonna stay. Yep. A 100%. The other things that I picked out from there, there's a couple other ones, What the one that I really liked is this sticker. Speaking of stocking stuck stuffers, it says gluten free toaster on it. Yeah. And you just you Buy the sticker and you put it on your toaster because, you know, we're all advocates of having separate toasters. And that's a really clever, cute thing.

Jules [00:43:11]:

And, you know, it's, You know, I I, like, Sharpied on my toaster. Like, this is my toaster. It's gluten free. This is a way cuter way of doing it. Yeah. So I thought that was thoughtful. So there's a couple stack and stuff for ideas like that on my site.

Erica [00:43:25]:

There's just a couple books from my friends in the GI dietician world. I love a good GI dietician. They're my favorite people. The first one is out now, and it's called regular. And it has, like, a picture of the toilet paper on top like you'll on the cover of it. And, it's so great. This woman, Tamara Duker Freuman, she's a GI dietitian. She's awesome.

Erica [00:43:49]:

Yeah. She's And great book. And that's out now that you can get. And the other one that you can preorder now, And it'll be available, I think, in March, but I'm very excited. It is actually I have a pre look at it. It's, like, right behind there. A pre look at it, like, before the the final one's done. And it's called mind your gut, and it talks about GI and how you can use that for, like, managing your IBS

Jules [00:44:17]:


Erica [00:44:18]:

And, other things all about IBS. And it's written by 2 of my favorite people in the world, Megan Riehl, who's a GI psych, and Kate Scarlata, who's a GI dietitian who is, like, Just one of the most brilliant GI dietitians around. And so they partnered together on a book, and they have been pouring their heart and soul into it. And I've seen them pour their heart and soul into it. And that's gonna be available in, again, March or Q1 for next year. So that's a great one to be like that will be in your Stocking and be like, you're gonna get it delivered on Amazon in March. So Mhmm.

Jules [00:44:53]:

Those are

Erica [00:44:53]:

2 That's awesome. 2 IBS books and my gift guide That will be coming out maybe sometime whenever I feel like in the holiday spirit. I also talk about the NERVA IBS app. That's a weird one to give, but, man, I would love for someone to give me a year's worth of subscription to the NERVA IBS app. It's great. It's Gut directed hypnotherapy, and it's self directed. So you can just listen to it every day, and it's it's, it's wonderful. And, I definitely recommend it if you have someone

Jules [00:45:25]:

I mean, with IBS in your life,

Erica [00:45:25]:

get them a book, get them a month worth of app. You know? Figure out like, be like, alright. Let's go on your healing journey together. Because while I would also like a bread machine, I also don't wanna be in pain and, you know, poop myself. So Great gift ideas. Great gift ideas.

Jules [00:45:43]:

Yeah. Well, a little less healing in that, but, a little more cheer. I rounded out my post with some gluten free alcohol ideas, which not everyone is, is as lucky as other people to live in places where you can have alcohol delivered to you you. Waka waka. I know. But there, I found a couple places. One of them is called Halftime Beverages that, has consolidated a whole of, like, gluten free beers, and you can order them if your state allows and have them delivered. Just make sure that the beers that you're ordering are Truly naturally gluten free beer is not gluten reduced beers, especially if you're ordering them for someone else who has celiac disease.

Jules [00:46:24]:

Don't be, you know, ordering the wrong beers because sometimes they're listed as being, you know, in the gluten free section, but they're not. And, we'll drop a link to my My post all about gluten free beer so you understand what we're talking about, which is gluten free which is naturally gluten free and what's gluten reduced. But there's a lot of choices on those, Those amalgamator sites where you can actually have beer delivered to you. There's also, some great mocktails out there, and then, of course, drinkware, which I'm a big fan of

Erica [00:46:55]:

Yeah. You are.

Jules [00:46:56]:

Well Told. I love the Well Told brand. And then, Words With Boards, I just I I love that brand so much. I think that you can and they've expanded their line. I don't know if you've looked at their website lately. There's so many more things that that you can get there from words with boards. You can have them make just about anything, say anything in wood, which is very, very cool. And, I mean, Everybody Say anything with wood.

Jules [00:47:21]:

Wood. That's right. With wood. And you can you can check their website out, they have this whole seriously gluten free line, and, they have food markers that say gluten free, which is another great stocking stuffer. They have that on their website. We also have them at g f As, they're so popular, people wanted to just throw them in with their other orders. So and those are really great stacking of stuffers. So there's a lot a lot there.

Jules [00:47:47]:

You know, there's way more stuff than we've covered here on our gluten free guides, but, Just some good ideas of things just to get you started. I think it's just more about Making sure that you're, you know, being thoughtful and not, you know, just buying junk. You know? I think there's There's a lot of good ideas of things you can get for people who happen to be gluten free. You know? We're we're not so unusual. Right? We like we like The same kind of things other people.

Erica [00:48:16]:

And I think it's it's just like it's 'tis the season for things that you necessarily don't want or don't need. Yeah. But things that are just, like, fun that you would enjoy that would make your year better. What is one thing that you want Santa to give you this year for Christmas? Money.

Jules [00:48:39]:

Shit, girl. Yeah. I mean,

Erica [00:48:42]:

besides, like, mortgage payments and stuff Yeah. Like, what is one thing that you want? healthcare. Yeah. That's nope. Let's not talk. Okay. Never mind. Ending world hunger and world wars would be super great when, Restoring women's rights would be, like, up there.

Erica [00:48:59]:

But we're talking about stocking stuffers now, Jules.

Jules [00:49:02]:

stocking stuffers.

Erica [00:49:03]:

What do you want Santa to put in your stocking?

Jules [00:49:06]:

Have you been a good girl? Oddly enough, I actually need some socks. Isn't that strange? I need I mean, I I need some, like, really warm socks. So

Erica [00:49:20]:

I already bought everything that I want, So I don't need anything from Santa. I'm a self sufficient woman, not really.

Jules [00:49:27]:

And I I'm very proud of you.

Erica [00:49:30]:

I bought tickets to Hamilton, I can see Hamilton for the 1st time ever. I bought tickets for that. So that's my Christmas present to myself. That's good. It'll happen in, like, 6 months. Someone that actually happens will be like, oh my god. Came out of nowhere. Who bought these for me? Be like, mhmm.

Erica [00:49:46]:

Smart thinking. What a great what a great little episode that has now turned into 15 minutes of us ranting about fucking sourdough.

Jules [00:49:56]:

It always does. We can't rein that in. We just end up going down some rabbit hole.

Erica [00:50:02]:

Edit the shit out of this episode. I can't wait. Okay.

Jules [00:50:06]:

Fun Fun Oh, Jules. I hope you have

Erica [00:50:09]:

a merry Christmas and happy holidays. Are we gonna record before New Year? Is this gonna be our last episode of 2024?

Jules [00:50:17]:

No. We no. We need to record a New Year's episode. Okay. There's so much to talk about for New Year's. Oh my god. Okay.

Erica [00:50:24]:


Jules [00:50:25]:

Alright. New Year's foods, New Year's celebrations. There's all kinds

Erica [00:50:29]:

of stuff to make sure. More after Christmas. I'm so Tired of cooking? No. You're not.

Jules [00:50:34]:

There's so many good things to make for New Year's.

Erica [00:50:37]:

Okay. Well, I guess we'll see you back before, 2024 before happens. So alright, you guys. Have a happy holidays, and I hope you are happy gifting, and good luck Managing online orders this time of year, we are Yeah. Thoughts and prayers out to you

Jules [00:50:53]:

for that. May the shipping gods be good to us all.

Jules [00:51:00]:

Thanks for tuning in to You Have Me At Eat, the #1 voted gluten free podcast in the country. Remember to like and subscribe. Tell all your friends, and we'll talk to you next time.