You Had Me At Eat

Episode 49: Gluten-Free Holiday Baking Recipes and Tips

December 12, 2023 You Had Me At Eat Season 2 Episode 49
You Had Me At Eat
Episode 49: Gluten-Free Holiday Baking Recipes and Tips
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In this episode, Jules and Erica talk about gluten-free holidays. Jules describes her "must bake" gluten-free holiday recipes including cakes, cookies, and breads. Erica asks all the baking questions like "how does the yule log cake work?" and "why do people still eat fruitcake?" Tune in to the #1 rated gluten-free podcast to get prepared for your holiday baking!

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Holiday Rum Cake
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Pizzelle Recipe
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 Gingerbread Biscotti
Saint Lucia Saffron Buns
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Cut-out sugar cookie
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Jules [00:00:13]:

Hey. I'm Erica. And I'm Jules. Most people have at least 1 thing that they can't or won't eat.

Erica [00:00:19]:

Now we're definitely like that.

Jules [00:00:21]:

When we started this podcast to talk about the gluten free food industry,

Erica [00:00:25]:

Like new products and some of the stories behind your favorite brands.

Jules [00:00:29]:

And living life with especially diet and also some important health care topics.

Erica [00:00:33]:

Since we're basically both broken inside,

Jules [00:00:36]:

you had me at eat

Erica [00:00:43]:

Holidays. Ho ho ho. We're so very festive. Yes.

Jules [00:00:48]:

We're decked out in beige and gray

Erica [00:00:53]:

Because that's kinda how

Jules [00:00:53]:

we feel right now. 1 decoration right here. I have 1 decoration

Erica [00:00:57]:

that's stolen from my daughter's room. Very Christmassy. Yes. I feel like we would be much more in the holiday spirit should both of us not be out of our Ears busy, up to our knees, wading through things to do.

Jules [00:01:12]:


Erica [00:01:12]:

And it's really it's taking all the joy and enchantment After the holiday season

Jules [00:01:18]:


Erica [00:01:18]:

And making me feel very beige.

Jules [00:01:22]:

Making me feel very beige. Yes. I understand. I I feel you. I really do. Although, you know what? Your nails look festive. Thanks. You got some bright red nails going on there.

Erica [00:01:31]:

I did. I painted them for last night's Holiday party with my girlfriends. Mhmm. It was super fun. Yeah. I wore Christmas sweater. I like them. Aw.

Erica [00:01:41]:

Super precious.

Jules [00:01:41]:

An ugly Christmas sweater, or was it a pretty Christmas?

Erica [00:01:44]:

An ugly Christmas sweater, but nobody else is wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. It was a jammy night. We were watching movies and decorating Mhmm. Christmas cookies and watching Home Alone 2 instead of home alone, but we did watch home alone in the background. But, yeah, it's just a bunch of my girlfriends from Elementary school, actually, oddly enough, and we're all in our forties and have kids. And everyone came over, and we decorated Christmas cookies and watched Home Alone 2, and, we're very festive. And it was probably going to be the best and only holiday party we have this year. I'm not I'm not feeling it.

Jules [00:02:24]:

Well, I mean, you know, when when you're self employed, And your husband is self employed. You know? Your partner is self employed. Like, you already work virtually. Like, yeah, What holiday party are you going to? Like, I'm not going to any holiday parties. I never do. It's kinda lame. Like, I'm like, I never get invited to a holiday party. It's Very sad.

Erica [00:02:45]:

I've worked remote for so long that I don't even remember the last time I had an in person holiday party, but I think it was probably, like, my 1st job ever at an ad agency because everything else, I worked remote. Yeah. That's so wild. No. No. No. We have had 1 holiday party. I'm more in Austin.

Erica [00:03:06]:

But, yeah, I there's no real, like, Company, whatever, I have to live vicariously through Matt, and he just had his, white elephant gift exchange today. But he doesn't get to wear, like, an Ugly Santa thing. Ugly ugly Santa? Is that a thing? Ugly Santa, ugly Christmas sweater.

Jules [00:03:25]:

Ugly ugly Santa. He gets to be mixing your

Erica [00:03:27]:

Santa up. Mhmm.

Jules [00:03:29]:

Okay. That's good. They went Was it in person? Yeah.

Erica [00:03:32]:

And they went bowling as their, like, group holiday party. That's super fun. I kinda wish that I would have gone to that because I think that would have been fun. But, yeah, there's really nothing. And these women are all either self employed or they're teachers, so it's not like There's a big holiday party with you and your 6th graders, you know? So it was it was cool to get an opportunity to hang out with Kids that are, like, vetted children that I know that aren't, like, hooligans.

Jules [00:04:01]:

Vetted children. Oh. I like that.

Erica [00:04:03]:

You know that a lot. Love Kids running around, especially during a holiday party. But, no, it was magical. These kids are great. They're amazing. I've known these kids practically their whole lives and, Just good people. I mean, this woman, her name's Denise. She went out of her way to bake tamales specifically for me that are gluten free and dairy free.

Erica [00:04:25]:

So she, like, was like, hey. Here are all the ingredients on all the tamales and spices, the whatever. Like, Tell me what I can do because I want you to feel included. And I was like, that is so kind and so sweet of you to include me, and that is just That's how nice these people are, and I make my own holiday cookies, just because we were you know, we they made a 1,000,000 gluten cookies Because everyone was decorating, like all the kids, we were doing royal icing. So I helped, make some royal icing, and I helped teach them how to flood a cookie. Very exciting stuff. Most of them just went rogue anyway. Some of them were real wild.

Erica [00:05:05]:

My girlfriend who did the cookies were like, it's Traditional holiday cookies, you know, a snail, the United States of America cookie cutout. We have some foxes. Just the most random characters.

Jules [00:05:18]:


Erica [00:05:18]:

Yeah. Mhmm. So we made a song about a Christmas snail, that sells clarinets to children and plays the piccolo. We had a good time. There was Oh, I like it. Sadly, not enough alcohol involved, but there was children. So, you know, It's okay to have a sober holiday party too, I guess. Yeah.

Erica [00:05:37]:

It was awesome. Yeah. It was cool. I mean, I got to,

Jules [00:05:40]:

like It was It was either alcohol or excessive amounts of sugar. Oh my god.

Erica [00:03:42]:

So much sugar. Too loopy. So we had made, I had a sugar cookie mix from Little GF Chefs that I had to make. So I made those. I did some royal icing flooding of my own on my own cookies so I could decorate with edible markers that I had purchased for the kids.

Jules [00:06:01]:


Erica [00:06:01]:

And edible markers are amazing. I've never used them before.

Jules [00:06:04]:

I saw I saw your mini shopping cart from Target. Oh my god. So it was the

Erica [00:06:08]:

cuteest thing. I brought many decorations because I love cookie decorations, and, it was just really cool. And I love seeing people get about decorating cookies because it's always super fun for me, to decorate my own cookies, but I also have no one to share them with. But it was rad to, like, see all these kids. Like, 1 girl, like, decorated it all Taylor Swift themed. It was incredible. The other one was just, like, wild stuff. It was because, you know, it was Christmas foxes and Christmas snails.

Erica [00:06:40]:

But then I also brought over some cupcakes from your cake mix, which is our All time favorite cake mix ever, and I ran out of cake mix. And you gave me a good recipe to use your flour in That can also be the same as your cake mix premade cake mix. So I'm very excited to

Jules [00:06:58]:

What'd you think? Continue to keep from scratch, or have you made it from scratch?

Erica [00:06:00]:

I haven't made it from scratch yet. That is on my list this week.

Jules [00:07:04]:

Yeah. Well, that's why I ended up making the cake mix was because the the recipe from scratch was so dang popular that everyone was like, please make this into

Erica [00:07:14]:

a mix. An easy cake mix. It's my favorite Matt is like, Yeah. Matt's obsessed with it. We ate a whole cake between ourselves in 2 days. I love this. Don't love that. Tell anyone.

Erica [00:07:25]:

I was almost ashamed. Even me.

Jules [00:07:28]:

No one else will ever know.

Erica [00:07:29]:

Ashamed of the amount of cake that I ate in one day, but it, like think you should be proud. My god. It's So pretty good. Your cake mix is like it's an unhinged amount of of good cake. It's it's wild.

Jules [00:07:41]:

It does make a lot of cake.

Erica [00:07:43]:

It does. Not apparently. It's 2 servings. 2 people, 2 servings. One day, you're good to go.

Jules [00:07:50]:

I love that. That's awesome.

Erica [00:07:52]:

We did that. I will tell you, I was shooting for, a magazine shooting meeting with my iPhone, And I was, using another cake mix that I had found at Sprouts that I really wanted to try, because it was super popular, and the buyers at Sprouts have been doing pretty good. And they started buying this brand, and I'm like, oh, this brand has great branding. It's so beautiful. It's, different ingredients. I'm like, oh, this is kinda more paleo, and I'm like, this is odd. Okay. I'm gonna buy the cake mix.

Erica [00:08:28]:

Spent, like, maybe $12 or something. It was like this insane price, and I'm like, well, it's a gorgeous package. It was effing unedible. I threw the whole thing away. I wanna say it's like it's not sweet Lawrence, but it sounds like that. And it is it's gorgeous on the outside, but I'm like, who ate this and chose it to go into Sprouts? I was so angry. And I I know when people come completely unhinged about, like, throwing their gluten free crap away because that's exactly how I felt. Yeah.

Erica [00:09:02]:

Because I always stick to the same cake mixes, and I'm like, I got the same bread mix. I got this. It was so gross. I was so mad.

Jules [00:09:13]:

Well and that's when people, you know, gives gluten free a bad name. And because people buy stuff off the store shelves like that, and they take it home, and they're like, oh, I guess this is what gluten free is. It's so sad. And I don't know who who markets this stuff. Who who puts it in a bag, gives it to all their friends, and they're all like, yeah. Like, Okay. You should go sell that. That's amazing.

Jules [00:09:36]:

So it it happens, and that's it's weird.

Erica [00:09:38]:

I will call it out because the brand is called Sweet Laurels, And I really wanted to love this. It's not even certified gluten free, I don't think, which I'm like, it's fine. It's paleo. It's an almond flour mix, I'm gonna try it because I do like some paleo mixes, but this was not good. And you also have to add, like, a cup of maple syrup to it. And I love expensive. They're using, like, Fair Trade Cocoa. It's non GMO.

Erica [00:10:08]:

Like, there's all the things that I love, and I was like, oh, god. This is not good. And I threw it away, and I was so mad. And, like, it ships nationwide. You can buy a cake kit a cake kit that comes with A vegan caramel sauce, vanilla extract, like, all these things that are branded in there to, like, make a cake, $55. 55 freaking dollars, 55 freaking dollars. And I'm like, I hated it, and I was so mad. Anyway, who wants my Sprouts ranch.

Erica [00:10:37]:

But I'm just like I was mad because Sprouts replaced a lot of really good stuff in their baking aisle for some of these keto and paleo things, and I'm like, Hey. Wish they were good. Wish they were good.

Jules [00:10:50]:

That's really sad. That's too bad. Yeah. It is a

Erica [00:10:52]:

bummer. Wow.

Jules [00:10:53]:

No. I I have to I have to send you one of my Nada bags. Oh, I have 1. Flour makes amazing cake.

Erica [00:11:00]:

I have 1.

Jules [00:11:01]:

And it's completely paleo. So okay. Well, I'm

Erica [00:11:03]:

gonna looking for a paleo mix. I was just like, I wanna try this because it's so pretty. It's gorgeous. It's the most gorgeous branding, And I'm so mad. To look for it. I don't know why he's been on that rant, but I was just buy it. I'm so I hate it because I was baking all you know that day, like, when you're baking all day, and I was baking, like, 4 different mixes, 4 different cookies, cakes, Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. And then these came out of the oven, and I'm like, oh, no.

Erica [00:11:34]:

That's not good. Yeah. That's sad. That's very sad.

Jules [00:11:37]:

I'm so sorry.

Erica [00:11:37]:

It's fine. I'm sorry. And maybe maybe it's me. Maybe it's just me.

Jules [00:11:41]:

No. You've tasted a lot of gluten free stuff, And I feel like you're a pretty decent taste tester because you're fair. I mean, it's not like you're like, oh, I only you know? You're you're willing to try all kinds of stuff, and you're you're very fair. And we go to expo. We taste everything at expo. Like, I I feel like You you know what you're doing when you're tasting more than a lot of other people.

Erica [00:12:05]:

I just was A lot a lot of people don't

Jules [00:12:06]:

have the opportunity to taste as many things as you do.

Erica [00:12:08]:

Yeah. And with

Jules [00:12:10]:

the magazine and stuff, we we we had we've tasted stuff. I mean, we've tasted almost everything. I haven't tasted that brand, but, We've tasted a lot.

Erica [00:12:19]:

Now I kinda want you to. I might buy 1 and send it to you with your Christmas gift. I hope I honestly, I might because I think it'd be a good test.

Jules [00:12:28]:

Okay. I don't wanna waste a whole cup of maple syrup. That stuff's really

Erica [00:12:34]:

It is actually very expensive.

Jules [00:12:36]:

And, I mean and I love maple syrup, and that's cool too. I mean, I don't use the fake syrup, but, like, I I mean, I love it.

Erica [00:12:43]:

You don't like the pancake syrup? Like, That's not real syrup.

Jules [00:12:47]:

Yeah. No.

Erica [00:12:48]:

Don't use that on anything, guys.

Jules [00:12:50]:

No. Mm-mm. No. Please don't. But can I because I wanna get back to something you said earlier?

Erica [00:12:55]:

Oh, god. If you

Jules [00:12:55]:

don't Can I interrupt you? You can. Like, are you done talking about that cake?

Erica [00:13:00]:

I'm done talking about the cake that I threw away. No. The cake that

Jules [00:13:03]:

you threw away. It's very sad. Very sad cake. There's something you said earlier. Just it struck a note for me, and I and I really think a lot of people I I know a lot of people will Be like, oh, yeah. Absolutely. This is me. Because you said something about how your friends make you feel so special Because when you go to their house or you the party where like, they go out of their way to buy special things and show you all the ingredients and, like, make something So that you can have it and you can participate and you can be a part of that group no matter, like, what the event is or what the occasion is.

Jules [00:13:37]:

And I think at the holidays, especially because you're gathering with a lot of people, some of whom, you know, you might not see very often, It's even more important to to do that for your family and your friends, but not everybody has a group like that that is So great, like, what what you're describing.

Erica [00:13:54]:

I'm so lucky. Anyway Yeah. I know I'm lucky.

Jules [00:13:56]:

You are so lucky. You are so lucky. But so, What I'm getting at is we just had a big holiday, Thanksgiving, and, of course, we have all these holidays in in the month of December as well where people are gathering. And I commented on someone else's post, and my comment was Their and their post was that their family had made them an entirely gluten free Thanksgiving. Like, the whole thing was gluten free. It was great. It It was wonderful. The whole family ate gluten free, and it was just a blissful joyous occasion.

Jules [00:14:30]:

My comment was, it's so thoughtful when others take your restrictions into account and don't make you feel like you're a, quote, problem. You are blessed, my friend. That was my comment. I have more likes on my comment on someone else's post than I have on almost any of my own posts. Like like, we did a year end review of my Instagram posts. This comment would be one of my top 10, and it's not even one of my posts. It's because that resonated with so many people. Because that feeling that, you know, it it means so much to have that feeling of inclusivity, But also the fact that people don't make you feel like you're a problem.

Jules [00:15:17]:

You know? And people are like, oh, I I went here and there and there and there and did all these things for you. That makes me feel like I'm a problem. Yeah. Like, don't do that.

Erica [00:15:26]:

I don't need to be fixed. I don't I don't need you

Jules [00:15:29]:

to fix me. I'm good. Yeah.

Erica [00:07:14]:

But, they just are just like, hey, do you want me to go pick up your favorite pizza from Picazzo's? Do you want me to go to intentional foods and get you anything? That, like, my girlfriend went to, because we had a party before my girlfriend's 40th, same people. And my girlfriend went to a new gluten free bakery that opened up near her house and got me, like, a brownie and cupcake. They were not good, by

Jules [00:15:53]:

the way, at all. Bless. A lot of bakeries aren't.

Erica [00:15:56]:

I know. Sorry. But they did it, and they are so kind to just, like I didn't ask for it, obviously. I'm not like, hey. New bakery near you. They heard about it. Yeah. They checked it out.

Erica [00:16:07]:

They bought me something. They're so kind. And I'm sure it was so much money, and it was not good. Following up on that, my girlfriend went to that bay another girlfriend went to that bakery, and I'm like, hey. Did you run into the same problems? Everything's super dry. It was not tasty. And she goes, yes. They have, like, 2 good items, and they're like their croissants, which is a good item to have that's good.

Erica [00:15:53]:

But it really bums me out that it's like a new bakery, and, of course, I tried 2 things, and I'm all, oh, no. These are not good, but, like, the thought that counts.

Jules [00:16:34]:

Oh, wow. Yeah. I know. Well and that goes back to the the other thing I said earlier is, like, it's Unfortunate, it gives gluten free a bad name. It's unfortunate that so many people who get into the bakery business Don't know that gluten free can be so much better. I mean, they're just using rice flour, and they're using, like you know? I don't know what they're

Erica [00:16:54]:

I don't know what they're using.

Jules [00:16:55]:

Thinking that they just Have to well, most of it is, like, rice flours. But a lot of it, they're just you know, they think that that's what it has to taste like, And it doesn't. I mean, we've tasted amazing foods from bakeries gluten free bakeries around the country, and, obviously, we can make it at home that it tastes amazing. So It can be done. So if you're a bakery listening to this, don't settle for nasty stuff. Some

Erica [00:16:34]:

Get Jules apparently, because she'll wholesale to you just like Tres Gatos Cafe. You can do it. If Erica can do it, you can do it. You can learn how to flood a cookie. You got this.

Jules [00:17:38]:

That's right. It's fun, and it's easy.

Erica [00:17:42]:

Guys, holiday baking doesn't have to be scary. I promise you. I thought it was before. And when I first got diagnosed, I will always reflect on my 1st Thanksgiving pumpkin pie that I made, and it looked like a raccoon had made it in the back of a dumpster. It was horrible. It was horrible. If my book could have had pictures, it would have had that picture in it because it just showed you how horrible I was at baking because I didn't understand it. But now if I actually took some time and effort to learning about the science behind baking, and it's not even that, it's knowing about good products, You can make things.

Erica [00:18:14]:

You can do it yourself. Mhmm. You can make a 3 3 tiered cake. You can make a pecan pie. You can do it, and you make it dairy free. You can make it egg free. You just have to know what you're doing. And thankfully, years later, I do know what I'm doing, although I probably have not done a Pumpkin pie scents.

Erica [00:18:31]:

So maybe that's my downfall.

Jules [00:18:35]:

Yeah. It's probably because you've you've found one that you like, and you just Yeah.

Erica [00:18:38]:

I'll just

Jules [00:18:38]:

buy it.

Erica [00:18:39]:

Something. Right? So much easier. Yeah.

Jules [00:18:41]:

But I'm saying you can do it. Although pumpkin pies are, like, one of the easiest things to make.

Erica [00:18:44]:

I know. But this is really what this episode is all about. It's about holiday baking. You can do it. You can do these things. I promise you. If Jules and I can do well, not Jules. She's professional, but if I can do it, you can do it.

Erica [00:18:56]:

You know? And, Jules has a ton of recipes too that she wants to share with you that are, like, just just this primo holiday baking Champion like recipes. Let's do this. Jules.

Jules [00:19:09]:

Yeah. It's funny. We were, we were shooting a video, Yeah. Like, a couple days ago, and I said something. We've been saying this for, I mean, I think probably at least the last 10 years, if you can read, you can bake. Like, because we try to make, you know, all I try to make all my recipes, my mixes, like, Very, very, very simple because I I am not here to spend all day on a on a recipe and, like, you know, 7,000 different, instructions and all that kind of stuff. So I try to make it really, really easy. And Jeff came up with this, I mean, at least 10 years ago.

Jules [00:19:42]:

If you can read, you can make. Like, Just follow the instructions, and it will work. Anyway so we were watching and I and I said this again on this video that I shot, like, 2 days ago. Haven't posted it yet. But, like, anyway so we were watching the The Great British Baking Show, which I still love, and I'm so far behind it. And they have this This baking episodes, like, these holiday ones, do you watch that?

Erica [00:20:08]:

Yes. Yes. I'm so Yeah.

Jules [00:20:11]:

So, Okay. Have you seen the holiday ones?

Erica [00:20:14]:

Not this year's holiday ones. No.

Jules [00:20:17]:

They have, like, this this compendium of all the

Erica [00:20:19]:

holiday ones. And they have, like, TV show actors. Yeah.

Jules [00:20:23]:

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We saw Derry Girls in.

Erica [00:20:25]:

God. That one was so cute.

Jules [00:17:37]:

Wasn't it cute? Anyway so I don't think this is the Derry Girls one, but, it was the end of some other one. And all of a sudden, Prue comes on, and she says, I've always said if you can read, you can bake. And Jeff's like, she stole my line. Truly stole my line. I know. So look. Isn't that funny?

Erica [00:20:45]:

My god. That's so good.

Jules [00:20:47]:

She literally said that. Isn't that funny? True. And, like, Jeff's like, I've been saying that longer than Pru has.

Erica [00:21:04]:

Jules, tell us more. What are we baking this holiday season?

Jules [00:21:08]:

Oh my gosh. I don't even know where to start. Okay. Let's start with, fruitcake. Everyone thinks that fruitcake is

Erica [00:21:15]:

something that you

Jules [00:21:16]:

have to start, like, months in advance or, like, at least a month in advance. And everyone thinks fruitcake is gross. Not everyone. A lot of people think,

Erica [00:21:29]:

I think everyone thinks fruitcake is gross.

Jules [00:20:44]:

No. It doesn't have to weigh, like, 10 lbs. and it doesn't have to be gross. I have an awesome fruitcake recipe for you, and you can make it in, like, An hour or so. It's great. This and I call it fast fruit cake. So if you're A little behind the 8 ball like I am.

Erica [00:21:51]:

I was I think always. It's fruitcake season. Oh god. Why? You can just

Jules [00:21:55]:

make a fruitcake. Because a lot like, my neighbors love fruitcake. My dad loves fruitcake. And and this fruitcake, I think you would like. It's like a it's more like a, A denser quick bread with, like, you know But it has, like, candy.

Erica [00:22:11]:

That's disc that's the gross part. That's a part nobody likes.

Jules [00:22:14]:

I don't I don't use, like I don't do the maraschino cherries and nasty stuff like that. Ugh. No. No.

Erica [00:22:20]:

What about the green? What are the green things?

Jules [00:22:23]:

Ew. I don't do those. Are awesome.

Erica [00:22:24]:

Those are gross.

Jules [00:22:26]:

No. I like, like, you know, candied citrus peel and stuff like that. Like, I think that's really yummy. Okay. That sounds okay. I'll let that slide. Okay.

Erica [00:22:36]:

Okay. Tell me about your You know

Jules [00:22:37]:

what you're getting in your stocking this year? You're getting a fruitcake.

Erica [00:22:40]:

Tell me more about your fast fruitcake.

Jules [00:22:43]:

No. That's all. That's all you need to know. It's fast.

Erica [00:22:47]:

You just It's fast. What do you what do you put it in, like, a Nordic Ware pan or a bump pan, or what do you do?

Jules [00:22:52]:

Yeah. Yeah. Mhmm. Of course. I you know you know, I I always use my Nordic Europeans because they're just beautiful.

Erica [00:22:59]:

So it's like candied citrus

Jules [00:23:00]:

and Mhmm. Yeah. And it's and it's it's like a it's got, like, a molasses y, like, you know, spices, that that type of flavor to it. It's really quite good. And it, and has liquor, of course. The booze make it better, and it's very tasty.

Erica [00:23:20]:

I am not sure I've had a fruitcake before, because what you're describing

Jules [00:23:25]:

not like that. Yeah. It's really good. Like, what they

Erica [00:23:28]:

used to sell, like, Osco or something. Everyone gets, like, a free k.

Jules [00:23:31]:

Those are nasty. Yeah. Those are gross. And then, like, they never go bad, those ones? Yeah. They they're just, like yeah.

Erica [00:23:38]:

Wait. So fruitcake has liquor in it?

Jules [00:23:40]:

Mhmm. Oh god.

Erica [00:23:43]:

This looks so gross. Yeah. I think for me, it was always the green candy in it because I think that's disgusting.

Jules [00:23:49]:


Erica [00:23:50]:

Yeah. So what liquor goes into your fruitcake?

Jules [00:23:54]:

And you can use different ones, whichever one you like. You can use, like, brandy or, you know, like, Orange liqueurs and things like that. It's kinda like, you know, different options of things that you like, but you Can make it your own fruitcake. But the like, my neighbors love that. I love giving them like, you can bake them in little, cakes, little, The ones that you buy, you know, at at Michaels and some way that they're or you can get them online. They're cardboard, but they have little stripy patterns in them and make them festive or whatever. But fruitcake is that. But the other thing that I like to give away to my neighbors is my mom's rum cake recipe.

Erica [00:24:30]:

My god. That's the best cake on the planet.

Jules [00:24:33]:

It is the best cake on the planet.

Erica [00:24:35]:

I love that cake.

Jules [00:24:36]:

One is amazing in those little, There's little containers too that you can give away. And I actually found this year, I found small cardboard, like, tube pans, And I'm gonna bake the rum cakes in those and give them out Yeah. As gifts. Because normally, what I do is I'll put them either in little loaf pans or I'll make a big one, and I'll put slices and cellophane and put a ribbon on it. But, yeah, that rum cake, that was my mom's, like, special thing. And when I found out I had to get gluten free, that was one of those recipes. I was like, this I had got to figure out how to make this rum cake gluten free.

Erica [00:25:14]:

Working good.

Jules [00:25:15]:

Usually, I can convert recipes really easily, and that one was very difficult because it was one of those recipes where it called for, like, a cake mix and pudding and, like, all this random stuff that was like, that's not transferable to gluten free necessarily. You know? So it was a little harder. But, yeah, that is an insane cake.

Erica [00:25:34]:

God, I love that cake. To make that. That may be my favorite cake that you make.

Jules [00:25:39]:

Oh, wow. Good to know. Alright. Well, maybe you'll get that in

Erica [00:25:43]:

I mean, I can make it myself too.

Jules [00:25:46]:

I know you could, but

Erica [00:25:47]:

it's not that bad. Ship it all the way from Maryland.

Jules [00:25:51]:

Yeah. It's not that bad.

Erica [00:25:52]:


Jules [00:25:53]:

yeah, so I'll definitely be making that. I'm trying to think if there's any other cakey kind of thing. Oh, Yule logs. Gotta make a yule log. Right? Have you ever made a

Erica [00:26:03]:

yule log? That, do you roll the cake? Yeah. So when it comes out of

Jules [00:26:08]:

the oven, No. You roll it. When it comes out of the oven, it's just like a pumpkin roll. So you have to do the same kinda thing where it comes out of the oven and you roll it and let it sort of Cool in its shape, and then you unroll it and then put your fillings in it. And it's it's really very pretty. They do a lot of those on the British Bake Off. They sure do. They sure do.

Erica [00:26:29]:

Now there is an easy cheat for Yule Log, and Nordic Ware has a Yule Log pan. And it's basically you make a cake within the pan, and then you just decorate it like it's a traditional yule log. But then I think people would be sad because you cut into it, and there's no rule. Cut into it. And you're like, this is just kind

Jules [00:26:48]:

Yeah. This is lame. Yeah. Mhmm. Yeah. I mean, I'm not above

Erica [00:26:52]:

being lame and having, like, a cute Yule Log cake, but, like, I think it's more traditional if you roll it.

Jules [00:26:59]:

The Viral is really cute. Yeah.

Erica [00:27:01]:

So So my question is when you make one of those rolly cakes, how does it stay rolled? You just, like

Jules [00:27:08]:

So you take, like, a tea towel or something, and then you you just sort of, like, roll it up, and the tea towel rolls up with it. And then you just, like, roll it back up onto itself and let it sit there and cool. And then that's usually when you prepare your fillings and things and your frosting.

Erica [00:27:24]:

But, like, how does it hold its shape After you do the fillings, it just maintains its natural structure because it had been rolled and dried?

Jules [00:27:33]:

It it kind of remembers the shape, And the whole idea is that once if you've rolled it while it was warm, that when you unroll it, put the, You know, sort of the the filling on it and then roll it back up again, it won't crack. That's what you're trying to avoid. Because, otherwise, if you try to roll a cool cake that had never been rolled before, it would just crack. So then it will remember that shape. It'll roll without cracking. And then the way it stays is that you take the seam and you, like, lay the seam down on the bottom, and that's how it Stays

Erica [00:28:08]:

in the

Jules [00:28:09]:

bowl, and then, of course, the frosting on top is what, like, seals the deal. And if it cracks a little

Erica [00:28:15]:

bit, like, don't worry about it if it cracks

Jules [00:28:16]:

because you're gonna put frosting on it. Exactly. It's okay if it cracks. You just don't want it to be like crumbly mess. You know, that's frustrating, And that's why it's really important that you don't use, you know, inferior flowers and and things like that that are Just dry and that aren't aren't going to Mhmm. Well, there's so many of them out there, and I just feel sorry for the

Erica [00:28:39]:


Jules [00:28:43]:

I mean, it they really do ruin a recipe. I just think a lot of people, when you especially when you're newer to gluten free baking, Your tendency is to just say, well, a flower is a flower is a flower. And I used to go to the grocery store, and it didn't matter if I bought The name brand or the grocery store brand, they're all the same, and so we all have that mindset. And with gluten free flours, it's not like that at all. They're All totally different. No 2 gluten free flour blends are all the same, and so it's really best That you use the flour that that is recommended for that recipe. Or If the flour says that you can use it in any recipe, then you can do that, but not all of them say that. So You know? Anyway so we covered cakes.

Erica [00:29:33]:

We got the cakes, check mark.

Jules [00:29:34]:

What's next? The cakes, check mark. Well, there's one that sort of It's a little bit like cake and like bread, and it's panettone. Have you ever had a panettone?

Erica [00:29:46]:

Yeah. So it's, like, fruitcake.

Jules [00:29:48]:

Because that has the candied fruit in it too.

Erica [00:29:50]:

Fruitcake. It's like a big, tall fruitcake

Jules [00:29:53]:

But it's a bread. It's a bread fruitcake. It's a bread cake. It's a fruit bread. Yeah. I don't know why I said it that way. Yes. Do you like it?

Erica [00:30:05]:

I mean, I could take it or leave it. I know that some people go nuts like when Shar came out with their first one, and then there was another brand that had it. We were at Fancy Food, and we posted about people were losing their mind. And I'm like, wow. Are you guys, like, super into like, there's super fans. Right? I was never one of them, so I could take it or leave it. I don't know. If I got 1, I'd be like, oh, okay.

Erica [00:30:26]:

I'd rather just have

Jules [00:30:27]:

a cake, but Okay. Panettone, I'm with you. I can kinda take it or leave it. I have a great, once again, easy panettone recipe. You can make it in a bread machine. Mhmm. Again, does not take long, does not require skills. It's fast.

Jules [00:30:44]:

It's easy.

Erica [00:30:44]:

Is it yeasted? Yep. Okay.

Jules [00:21:50]:

It's I'm I'm telling you, it's like a bread, but it has the the candied fruit in it. So, I mean, I can also take it or leave it, but, I mean, it's one of those iconic, You know, things of the season. But I tell you, it's it's an Italian recipe, and there are a couple other Italian holiday recipes that I like a lot better. One is the Taralli cookies That, I had never even heard of before until one of my customers actually came to my house and delivered homemade Taralli cookies 1 year to me. And, I was I was like, wow. That's really sweet. And they were delicious. Absolutely delicious.

Jules [00:31:21]:

And Tarallli cookies can actually I did research on this, and they can take the form of many, many, many different things. The ones that she brought me, I also I asked her if she would give me the recipe, and it was a family recipe. She just converted it to, gluten free. Are they like crackers?. Not the ones Oh, they look like an 'o'. Like, they're crescents. Oh. That you can make them in an 'o,' or you can make them as crescents.

Jules [00:31:48]:

You can make some of them as savory or sweet. These are more of, like, an almond or sweet. Okay. And then they're dipped in, like, a little bit of glaze and sprinkles on top. They're super festive. They're adorable. My family loves them. They're really, really good.

Erica [00:32:01]:

Oh, it's with fennel. Fennel?

Jules [00:31:47]:

Yeah. But I don't put that in mine. Like, that would be more like the savory side now. But yeah. And then another one that, that I love that's Italian at this time of year, obviously, is Pizzells. Love the Pizzells. So good. So good.

Jules [00:32:24]:

Love the Pizzells. And so, yeah, we'll probably be making those. I think those are prettiest time of year, either to make them flat or roll them up and put fillings in them like that.

Erica [00:32:34]:

Is the press that you use for that? Because that's what people are gonna ask.

Jules [00:32:37]:

I have a Pizzelle press. Yeah. And so in my Pizzelle recipe, I have a link to the one that I use now. I've had a couple different ones. The one that I had before was a nonstick 1, and it, like, burned up at some point. And the new one I got is not nonstick. It's just a plain, you know, it's like silver kind of, plate to it, and I don't find that you need to really do anything to it. If it's the right temperature, the the batter doesn't stick to it.

Jules [00:33:03]:

It's really great. And then they make those beautiful patterns, and they're not that expensive. And and I don't have a, a waffle cone maker. So I use the same pizzelle maker in the summer to make many homemade waffle cones

Erica [00:33:20]:


Jules [00:33:20]:

For ice cream, and it works great. So, because they mix those crispy cones, and they're really, really yummy. So it doubles like that for me. So I think it's a useful, A useful appliance. You know? If you're thinking that you really like Fizzell's, but, like, can you justify buying this Fizzell's?

Erica [00:33:39]:

Can always justify buying Baking appliances because they're awesome. They're the coolest thing. You can always do it, dude. I'm giving you this treat YOLO by a pizzelle maker.

Jules [00:33:50]:

You know? Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. So I linked to the one that I that I use, and there's a picture of it in my post as well so see what I'm talking about. What what a pizzelle maker is. If you're sitting there thinking, what the heck is a pizzelle? What is a pizzelle maker? What are you talking Yes. Then you go, oh, now I know what you're talking about. I know what a Griselda is.

Jules [00:34:08]:

Okay. Another Italian recipe that I love with the holidays is my gingerbread biscotti.

Erica [00:34:14]:

Oh, yeah. You did just post about that on your

Jules [00:34:17]:

email. The gingerbread biscotti, oh my gosh. It smells divine, and it it is I put candied ginger in it. So good. Chopped up inside. It is so good. So so so so so good. So that's another Italian one.

Jules [00:34:32]:

Okay. So, moving on from that. Oh, so Saint Lucia bread. Do you ever I think

Erica [00:34:40]:

I'm Italian? Much cheaper?

Jules [00:34:41]:

No. I Is that Spanish? From it.

Erica [00:34:44]:

Have we moved continents?

Jules [00:34:45]:

It's it's yeah. No. It is, Scandinavian.

Erica [00:34:48]:

Oh. Oh, we're in a whole another part of the world. Okay. Yes. Yes. I have not because I don't know what it is.

Jules [00:34:55]:

Well, that's actually The 13th December is Saint Lucia Day, the festival. I think

Erica [00:35:04]:

you're just making these things up. I know that you love food festivals, But or food holidays. I love

Jules [00:35:09]:

food I love food culture. I love food holidays. I love just food. Any excuse to Talk about different foods and recipes and make them. I am all about it. So I actually have a distinct memory of being in 2nd grade, And we had a Santa Lucia festival in my school. And

Erica [00:35:31]:

Cool school, man.

Jules [00:35:32]:

The girls dressed up, And we had wreaths with candles in our hair, and it was so cool and, that I learned about Santa Lucia then when I was in 2nd grade. Isn't that cool? So the Santa Lucia bread that's on my website now Came from an original Scandinavian cookbook that a woman in my church loaned to me, and She just passed away last this year. And last year, she, she had a recurrence of cancer. And Jeff and I went to her house and brought her Santa Lucia buns, to last Christmas for her to enjoy with her husband. Mhmm. And, it was really sweet. Yeah. It was it was very special.

Jules [00:36:18]:

So, she was really sweet Lady. But it's a very

Erica [00:32:33]:

crying on this episode. I know. Yes. If you don't make these buns, Jules is gonna cry again. Hey, everyone. I get

Jules [00:36:33]:

I get really, I get nostalgic about things like that, but she's very sweet. And the recipe is really good, and it's you should try it. It's it's cool. It's it's, like, a braided, bun where it gets it gets it's like in a a curly s shape, that if you're listening to the podcast, you might you might, Like, oh, I think I might have seen that before, but you can see it on the website. It's like an s shaped bun. It's bread, and it has saffron threads in

Erica [00:37:01]:

Oh, the most expensive fancy.

Jules [00:37:04]:

The most expensive spice, yes. So that that so it makes it a really pretty color too.

Erica [00:37:10]:

How do you buy saffron?

Jules [00:37:13]:

Marshall's. That's where I buy saffron. No. I know. You can buy it, and it comes in jars. You can buy it at a lot of grocery stores.

Erica [00:37:22]:

The spice traders of yore traveled across the vast oceans with saffron just to deliver it to your marshall store.

Jules [00:37:32]:

Yes. Yeah. Just so you can make That's how

Erica [00:37:34]:

the spice trade went. You can learn about it in your history books. This time of

Jules [00:37:39]:

year, you have to make challah Challah back, girl. Of food traditions. You know? Like, this time of year, I And I make it, I make challah, like, why make it year round just because it's such a good bread. But, I usually bring it to a, We go to a wine tasting at the like, right before Christmas with, a bunch of older Family friends, and they usually request that I bring the challah bread, and no one there is gluten free. And they're all in their, like, seventies and eighties. They love it. Are you doing any gingerbread houses this year? Yes. Yes.

Jules [00:38:20]:

Okay. Yes. Big ones or small ones?

Erica [00:38:24]:

I have yet to decide. Okay. Because I'm like, oh, I'll do them for the Christmas cookie. Nope. Nope. Not no time. So I may just have one for actual Christmas day, but I've yet to make a decision on what I wanna do, But I love them. I love gingerbread.

Erica [00:38:41]:

Yeah. There's gingerbread cookies more than anything. So if anything and I get real desperate, I'll just make them into cookies.

Jules [00:38:48]:

Yeah. I know. I I have, like, 3, I think, different gingerbread cookie recipes on my site. Like, I have a Ginger snaps cookie recipe. Thin ginger snaps.

Erica [00:36:31]:

A Thin-gersnaps.

Jules [00:36:32]:

Thin-ger snaps. And then I have a theft Soft one and then I have molasses one and then I just published a new one this year called, Ginger Doodles. Ginger snap snickerdoodles. Those were so good. So, yeah, I'm kind of into that spice Cookie combination Do

Erica [00:39:24]:

all of them have molasses in them or just some molasses one?

Jules [00:39:30]:

I think They all do.

Erica [00:39:31]:

I mean, that's kinda like what gingerbread cookies require. Right? Okay.

Jules [00:39:36]:

Yeah. I think they all do.

Erica [00:39:38]:

Matt told me this Matt told me this year, he's like, I hate molasses, and I'm like, what? Are you sure?

Jules [00:39:46]:

Why Why do you feel so strongly about it?

Erica [00:39:47]:

I know, and I go, tell us. Have you disliked everything that I made with molasses? She's like, well, what do you make with molasses? And, like, Every gingerbread we've ever had, like gingerbread cookies, gingerbread house, they're like, no. I like those. I'm like, well, those are primarily just molasses flavoring. Yeah. Like, that's what the flavor comes from is molasses. Right? It's also like ginger, but that's very little of the flavoring is The ginger spice Like, ginger or cinnamon, all the spice, all that, whatever. But molasses is, like, a key ingredient.

Erica [00:40:19]:

So, like, I hate it. I'm like, I don't think you understand What you don't like about it.

Jules [00:40:24]:

But And people don't just sit in, like, spoonfuls of molasses. Like, nobody does that.

Erica [00:40:30]:

No. Yeah. Yeah. He's like, oh, so gross. And I'm like, I don't think you know what you're talking about. So you get no gingerbread cookies this year? Okay. Put you down on your

Jules [00:40:40]:

naughty list. Fruitcake for you.

Erica [00:40:42]:

Fruitcake for you instead.

Jules [00:40:45]:

That's right.

Erica [00:40:46]:

It's just like after 12 years, I was just like, I'm sorry. What? You hate where did this even come from? I'm like, alright. Damn.

Jules [00:40:54]:

I didn't know. I'm glad you finally opened up and told me.

Erica [00:40:57]:

Now you really Years of therapy for him to be like, hey.

Jules [00:41:00]:

I don't like molasses.

Erica [00:41:02]:

I don't even know if he knows what molasses is, but

Jules [00:41:09]:

Speaking of cookies I mean, this is the season for cookies. I I can't even go into the number of cookie recipes I have on my website that I'm So many. Be able to make this many cookies, this year, but you have to make sugar cookies. You gotta gotta do that. Like, the cutout sugar cookies. Obviously, you have to make those, Obviously. Candy cane cookies, I just made those again, and I remembered how much I love those. I don't know if you saw the video.

Erica [00:41:35]:

I love your candy cane cookies. They're so good.

Jules [00:41:37]:

Yeah. These are so good. The peppermint sugar in that is just so good. I love those. Oh, chocolate crinkle cookies. Those are always a favorite. Those are so fun. When you've

Erica [00:41:48]:

never made those and

Jules [00:41:49]:

they just okay. Well, those are super easy. You should make those. Snowball cookies. Are you a lover or a hater? I love them. Yeah. I love those too. Those are really fun.

Jules [00:41:59]:

I love those. And then, Healthy Gluten Free Family has a recipe for those that are cinnamon snowballs. I haven't tried those. I usually just make them just like straight

Erica [00:42:07]:

up Yeah.

Jules [00:42:08]:

Pecan snowballs. And they're also called Mexican wedding cookies. Mexican wedding cookies. Had them at our wedding. Yeah. And everyone was walking around with, like, White.

Erica [00:42:17]:

Yeah. I was gonna say they are, like, them the besties.

Jules [00:42:20]:

Around their mouth. They're very messy. Yes. I know. So, anyway, those are just a few of the cookies that I definitely will be making this year. And then, you know, there's some great quick bread recipes. I I have readers So writing to me today saying that they're making pumpkin bread, which I am all for. But, of course, you have to make the, cranberry bread.

Jules [00:42:39]:

And cranberry orange bread is just It's beautiful, the color and just the smell, and I just I love that. So I'll be making that.

Erica [00:42:47]:

That's like a dangerous fruit bread like territory. I don't know. That's starting to that's starting to creep in her footprint. No. No.

Jules [00:42:52]:

No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

Jules [00:42:54]:

No. No. No. No. No. It's so good. It is so good. Are you not a cranberry person?

Erica [00:42:57]:

I love cranberries. I love making boiled cranberries and cranberry pecans. But

Jules [00:43:03]:

You would love cranberry bread. Okay. Alright. Fine. You just need to move next door, and then I'll just keep making things and just sharing stories

Erica [00:43:12]:

with you. I'm sorry. I know. I'm so tired. I don't wanna do any

Jules [00:43:16]:

of this. Alright. Last but not least, I just wanted to touch on something. I am too tired thinking about all the things that I have yet to make. But I I definitely wanna hit on some breakfast things because, you know, we've been talking about desserts. We've been talking about breads and all kinds of things like that. But

Erica [00:43:35]:

I have to make more things for breakfast.

Jules [00:43:38]:

Yes. Yes. You do. Like, especially, like, if you have people over for Christmas, like, if you have family in for the holidays, or what are you gonna eat Christmas morning when you're opening your presents. Like, we have a tradition every Christmas morning when we have cinnamon rolls. Like, you have to have Christmas morning cinnamon rolls in our house. The only question is, do we have Which recipe? Because there's this cinnamon sticky buns that my grandmother used to make every year.

Erica [00:44:00]:

For orange rolls? My father's Did you guys have orange rolls?

Jules [00:44:04]:

Yeah. They were like that, but they were the caramel sticky buns. And my and it was on my dad's side of the family. And then my mom's side of the family had, like, a more traditional Cinnamon rolls. So it's like, who wins out this year? Which one are we gonna make?

Erica [00:44:16]:

Yeah. My mom's side of the family did that every Christmas morning. I remember growing up to that, It was always my grandma's sticky rolls, and they were like orange rolls, I think. Yeah. I don't know. So good. Yeah. We haven't had that Tradition so long that just triggered, like, the weirdest food memory for me.

Erica [00:44:33]:

I haven't thought about that in forever. Yeah.

Jules [00:44:36]:

They're so good. So I I came up with a recipe many, many years ago for the the cinnamon sticky buns that, the caramelized ones or the, you know, the orange ones if you put the orange in it You can do it in a crock pot. And so, like, you can start it hours before and just sort of let it go and and have it be done and ready later. So you can do it the regular way in the oven, or you can do it in the crock pot method. So it's kind of a revolutionary, like, You know, leave it and forget it thing. It's kinda cool.

Erica [00:45:07]:

Like, you put the dough in the crock pot?

Jules [00:45:10]:

Mhmm. Yep. Because that recipe, you put all the gooey, sticky, cinnamony stuff on the bottom, and then you put the dough on top of it, and then you Close the lid on the, on the slow cooker. Yeah. And then

Erica [00:45:25]:

it, like, steams and rises and all that stuff.

Jules [00:45:28]:

Mhmm. Because they're yeasted. Right? Yeah. They're used to it. And then when you're done, you flip it, and so it's pretty magic. It's awesome. Yeah. And then if you want to get the more traditional cinnamon roll way, I have 3 or 4 different cinnamon roll recipes.

Jules [00:45:44]:

One of them is actually vegan and yeast free as well. And it's called my 52 minute cinnamon butt rolls. And I have it down to 37 minutes now, but that's because I make it more often than most people, but you can make it in 52 minutes, start to finish. Done. But they don't rise because there's no yeast. They no. They they rise like a biscuity rice because it's got, you know, baking powder, baking soda in it, not yeast. So you don't have to set it aside to rise.

Jules [00:46:12]:

You just roll them and bake them. But they're so good, and and they're vegan and all that, and they're just delicious. But then I have the more traditional, like, just the sticky scoo gooey, just, You know, melt in your mouth, cinnamon rolls that are made with yeast as well. And I have an another one of those. It's an overnight one, which is also very helpful for Christmas because you can just Oh, yeah. Make it, stick it in the fridge overnight, and then just bake it the next morning, and you're done. And that's that's a really helpful recipe. Another recipe that's also really good if you don't wanna go to that trouble, which is not that much trouble, but, like, if you just don't wanna do it, is my overnight French toast casserole.

Erica [00:46:51]:

I was just gonna say, I know what you're gonna say. Yep.

Jules [00:46:54]:

Yeah. Well, there's and for that one, I like using, eggnog for it because I think it makes it just super, super rich, and there's these great vegan eggnog right now

Erica [00:47:04]:

that you can get in there. Before with eggnog. It's delicious. So, so good. Yeah.

Jules [00:47:11]:

And I think it's best if you use homemade gluten free bread because you can slice it Thicker, like Texas toast style. Yeah. And I just think it's a better presentation, and it's like it absorbs the yummy gooey stuff, and it's Even better, but you don't have to. You could get store bought bread and use that if you wanted to to make it just 1 and done super, super easy, No brainer recipe.

Erica [00:47:34]:

It's really good with bread seriously sourdough bread too Okay. If you want to use a premade bread.

Jules [00:47:43]:

And you know what I've also made that with? What? My leftover Santa Lucia buns. I made overnight French toast casserole with it. Yeah. You can build you can use any bread in that recipe, honestly. It's just gonna be different every time you make it. You know? And I'm sure that it is good with the sourdough. Yeah. That's cool.

Jules [00:48:04]:

Yeah. Yeah. So there's tons of recipes. If you just go on my website and type in holiday, all of these recipes come up. I also have a holiday ebook, which has a ton of recipes in it, including some recipes that are not on my website. And then, you know, there's obviously other recipes all over the Internet, These are some ideas that'll just get you started. Don't miss out on all this fun holiday baking because just, you know, because you're gluten free doesn't mean that you have to miss out on anything.

Erica [00:48:29]:

When is the last day for shipping for your flowers, like, from your website?

Jules [00:48:36]:

It kinda depends on where you live because we ship out of Baltimore. So I think we're saying the 15th, but that's, like, for nationwide shipping. If you live close to Baltimore or, like, you know, in the Eastern corridor, you could probably get away with ordering a little bit later than that. There's just no guarantees keys because the shippers aren't guaranteeing anything. So yeah.

Erica [00:49:00]:

Who knows nowadays with The post office. I'm waiting for a very special Christmas gift for Matt, and I have no idea. It's coming from China, And so that's a very interesting little journey in life.

Jules [00:49:14]:

It's on a slow boat somewhere.

Erica [00:49:16]:

Mhmm. It is on a boat, a giant.

Jules [00:49:19]:

It's getting you ordered it early.

Erica [00:49:20]:

So we'll See.

Jules [00:49:23]:

Yeah. Yeah. Well, and in our next episode, we'll be talking about holiday gifts

Erica [00:49:30]:

For Last minute holiday gift special gift when you're not ordering it. Exact? Yeah. Not order it from Etsy, for a shipper that's gonna take 200 years to get here. So Yeah.

Jules [00:49:40]:

You see? Yeah. Well, then it becomes a New Year's gift. That's all.

Erica [00:49:44]:

His birthday is in January, so it makes things very easy to kinda Switch around every year if shipping gets a little wonky.

Jules [00:49:51]:

Depends on when they arrive. Yeah.

Erica [00:49:52]:

Yeah. Mhmm.

Jules [00:49:53]:

Yeah. I get it. Mhmm.

Erica [00:49:54]:

Well, you guys, it is time To get ready for the holidays, you are now armed and ready with a gazillion recipes for gluten free. I'm hearing ghosts. The ghosts have now transferred from your house to my house. You're now armed you're armed with so many amazing gluten free recipes, you guys. After this episode, we'll leave all the details in the liner notes. And remember to get, get your flour early. Get All of your ingredients because the last thing you wanna do when you're making one of these amazing recipes is to not have something in your house because I just went through that. I think it is not fun To put on real pants and real shoes and have to go to the grocery store and go get eggs or something or

Jules [00:50:32]:

anything else. Put on pants at all. Put on pants at all.

Erica [00:39:22]:

No pants household. Yeah. Yeah. Not gonna have pants. Alright. Thanks for tuning in for another episode of You Had Me Eat. We will be back soon to talk more about the holidays, and, we Wish you a merry Christmas. We wish you a merry Christmas.

Erica [00:50:49]:

We wish you a merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah. And happy Hanukkah. New Year too. Goodbye. Alright.

Jules [00:50:48]:

Thanks for tuning in to You Have Me At Eat the number one voted gluten free podcast in the country. Remember to like and subscribe, tell all your friends, and we'll talk to you next time.