You Had Me At Eat

Episode 47: Gluten-Free Thanksgiving, Holiday Starbucks Flavors, and Digital Rectal Exams

November 16, 2023 You Had Me At Eat Season 2 Episode 47
Episode 47: Gluten-Free Thanksgiving, Holiday Starbucks Flavors, and Digital Rectal Exams
You Had Me At Eat
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You Had Me At Eat
Episode 47: Gluten-Free Thanksgiving, Holiday Starbucks Flavors, and Digital Rectal Exams
Nov 16, 2023 Season 2 Episode 47
You Had Me At Eat

Something on your mind? Erica & Jules would love to hear from you!

In this episode, Jules and Erica are already prepping for a gluten-free Thanksgiving that has come way too quickly. Thankfully, Jules has a crash course in Thanksgiving available for everyone to read, packed with helpful recipes and articles about being GF this holiday season!

In the rest of the episode, Erica finally gets back to Mayo Clinic and talks about how important it is to be hands-on with your gastroenterologist. Erica talks about Gluten Free Epicurean bakery in Vancouver, BC Canada and highlights some studies from American College of Gastroenterology on Instagram.

Don't fret about Thanksgiving, we have it all for you in this episode of You Had Me At Eat, and in our resources section.

Daylight Savings Time is bad for your health - from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Starbucks gluten-free seasonal flavors from Eat Gluten Free AZ 
Treatment modalities for IBS on Instagram 
FMT for use in IBS? on Instagram
Gluten-Free Epicurean gluten-free dairy-free in Vancouver, BC Canada
Donuts from Gluten-Free Epicurean on Instagram
gfJules crash course for a gluten-free Thanksgiving
Gluten-free Maple Pumpkin Cobbler recipe
Gluten-Free Vegan Pecan Pie Recipe
Gluten-Free Thanksgiving e-book
Gluten-free food markers from Words with Boards
Spatchcock your turkey 

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Show Notes Transcript

Something on your mind? Erica & Jules would love to hear from you!

In this episode, Jules and Erica are already prepping for a gluten-free Thanksgiving that has come way too quickly. Thankfully, Jules has a crash course in Thanksgiving available for everyone to read, packed with helpful recipes and articles about being GF this holiday season!

In the rest of the episode, Erica finally gets back to Mayo Clinic and talks about how important it is to be hands-on with your gastroenterologist. Erica talks about Gluten Free Epicurean bakery in Vancouver, BC Canada and highlights some studies from American College of Gastroenterology on Instagram.

Don't fret about Thanksgiving, we have it all for you in this episode of You Had Me At Eat, and in our resources section.

Daylight Savings Time is bad for your health - from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Starbucks gluten-free seasonal flavors from Eat Gluten Free AZ 
Treatment modalities for IBS on Instagram 
FMT for use in IBS? on Instagram
Gluten-Free Epicurean gluten-free dairy-free in Vancouver, BC Canada
Donuts from Gluten-Free Epicurean on Instagram
gfJules crash course for a gluten-free Thanksgiving
Gluten-free Maple Pumpkin Cobbler recipe
Gluten-Free Vegan Pecan Pie Recipe
Gluten-Free Thanksgiving e-book
Gluten-free food markers from Words with Boards
Spatchcock your turkey 

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*some links may be affiliate links; purchasing through these links will not cost you more, but will help to fund the podcast you ❤️

Erica [00:00:13]:

Hey. I'm Erica.

Jules [00:00:14]:

And I'm Jules. Most people have at least one thing that they can't or won't eat.

Erica [00:00:19]:

Now we're definitely like that.

Jules [00:00:21]:

When we started this podcast to talk about the gluten free food industry,

Erica [00:00:25]:

Like new products and some of the stories behind your favorite brands.

Jules [00:00:29]:

And living life with especially diet and also some important health care topics.

Erica [00:00:33]:

Since we're basically both broken inside,

Jules [00:00:36]:

you had me at eat

Erica [00:00:43]:

Mountain time now. Did you know that?

Jules [00:00:45]:

I did. That's right. I forgot. Arizona has a It is.

Erica [00:00:47]:

Yeah. It's the benefit of you having a child now in my state is that you Actually know what time it is. Yeah. I often forget because I like to be on Pacific time, but I am on mountain time now. It's magic. Yeah. It's magical.

Jules [00:01:04]:

It's Arizona time. Arizona time.

Erica [00:01:08]:

Ride cowboys. Hi, everyone. Welcome to You Had Me At Eat.

Jules [00:01:13]:

I'm Erica. I'm Jules.

Erica [00:01:16]:

We're talking about the change, The changing of seasons, and I'm not talking about menopause today. The literal change the literal change of seasons.

Jules [00:01:24]:

And the change of time zones because I experienced that while I was in Arizona. Arizona does not change their time zones. And it was a very bizarre experience for me to be in Arizona when they did not change their time zone, and then I had fly back to East Coast when they had changed their time zone, and I was like, I'm in the twilight zone. Don't know what time it is.

Erica [00:01:46]:

It's all make believe.

Jules [00:01:47]:

I think I'm gonna miss my flight. Just don't know what's what's happening, what end is up, and whether I should be sleeping or awake at this moment. So

Erica [00:01:57]:

Time is a man made construct.

Jules [00:02:01]:

Sort of? I think. No.

Erica [00:02:02]:

I don't know.

Jules [00:02:03]:

Not really

Erica [00:02:04]:

maybe I do too many drugs.

Jules [00:02:05]:

Yes. No. So I've had my post man made I posted something about the time change, and and I said, you know, or do you like it? Are you like you know, do you like having more, you know, An extra hour in the morning, you know, light or in the in the evening or whatever. And it was so interesting what people said. People got really feisty about And

Erica [00:02:29]:

I've never changed, so I don't have an opinion other than I think this is always right because it's very weird for me to go to other cities and be like Mhmm. My 2 hours now I have to, like, schedule. This is so rocky.

Jules [00:02:40]:

Yeah. Yeah. I just I don't know why. I mean, there has literally been Documented, like, scientific research done Studies. Yeah. On the health benefits of sticking with 1 and not Changing it, and, I mean, why can okay. I know why can't you handle it?

Erica [00:02:58]:

Car crashes and hospital visits on the 1st day or whatever because People are

Jules [00:03:02]:

just like, oh, I'm gonna have to see

Erica [00:03:03]:

my whatever.

Jules [00:03:04]:

Yeah. All kinds of stuff. I mean, the medical community is a 100% in agreement on one. So why can't Congress not just come together? Because Congress can't do anything. That's why. Yeah. That's why. I remember why we can't get anything done.

Erica [00:03:21]:

It's a great story. Mhmm. So speaking of times, times, they are a change in seasons. They are a change in,

Jules [00:03:29]:

This look at this. It's a holiday cup from Starbucks. You can't see it.

Erica [00:03:34]:

Share the joy. So I'm holding up a Christmas holiday cup from Starbucks, and I am not like a Starbucks aficionado. I go occasionally. I prefer obviously Far better coffee shops than this one. But as a little sweet treat, I pick up some, some seasonal flavors when they're available. We have to be really careful because not all seasonal flavors are gluten free. Not all seasonal flavors are dairy free.

Jules [00:03:59]:

Yeah. That's the wrong

Erica [00:04:00]:

will really mess you up. Because even if they put the wrong sprinkles on your drink, you will get gluten. If they put the wrong syrup, you're gonna poop your pants because you got dairy instead of nondairy. And there are certain things that you can change. Like, this is the Chai gingerbread chai oat milk latte. But instead of oat milk, because you just wanna be safe. Right? You don't know what kind of oat milk they're using. I use almond milk.

Erica [00:04:27]:

So I verify that everything, the gingerbread syrup, the chai, the almond milk, the sprinkles, All gluten free and dairy free. But when I went to go pick this up the other day, I was handed a drink and did not think about it and took a huge swig. Completely the wrong drink. It was some $8 concoction. I should have known because the price was, like, $2 higher than normal.

Jules [00:04:53]:

So, wait, did they give you someone else's drink, or they made your drink wrong?

Erica [00:04:57]:

They made my drink the wrong drink.

Jules [00:04:59]:


Erica [00:04:59]:

So it's they got the chai latte part. Mhmm. But there's, like, a creme brulee pumpkin chai latte. Mhmm. And I asked for the gingerbread chai latte, but with almond milk.

Jules [00:05:12]:

So the gingerbread's okay? Because it like, every time I go to Starbucks, I'm like Yeah. Because it's just stick with the

Erica [00:05:17]:

dry syrup, and there's no malt in there. And it's fine. It's just sugar. You're adding more sugar to your chai, which is already pretty sugary here. Yeah. But, I got this pumpkin creme brulee, whatever, caramel, and I drank a a, like and I'm like, hold on. Drank again. I'm like, this doesn't seem right.

Erica [00:05:39]:

I went on the Starbucks website. I started just looking at the side of my drink that had the wrong drink on it. So they got the fact that I wanted almond milk. So the base of whatever this is was almond milk. All the syrup, all the whipped cream, all the milk.

Jules [00:05:52]:

Oh, they put the whipped cream on top too.

Erica [00:05:54]:

Yeah. Yes.

Jules [00:05:54]:

I love I love when you're ordering, and you're like, okay. I need the nondairy milk, you know, whatever. And they're like, oh, so you would you like the cream on top? No.

Erica [00:06:03]:

No. I don't know where you saw where I was going to the nondairy asking for things to be

Jules [00:06:07]:

very big. No.

Erica [00:06:08]:

Anyway, so I posted this thing, and I was like, Check your drinks. Mhmm. And people are, like, up in arms about, like, how dare you even go to Starbucks? It's so safe. And I'm like, let me have my little treat. And someone's like, oh, Karen. And I'm like, well, not Karen. I paid $8.

Jules [00:06:24]:

I got the

Erica [00:06:24]:

wrong drink. I'm sorry. And it was like, you don't have to drink it. I'm like, Obviously, obviously, it's just dairy. It's just like milk. Of course, I'm not gonna drink it. I was like, where'd you go to Instagram to complain? I'm like, I don't know if you know about Instagram algorithms, but this is a place to complain.

Jules [00:06:45]:

I love it. So sweet. I commented on your post, and people were commenting on my comment to your comment of your post

Erica [00:06:50]:

somewhere else.

Jules [00:06:51]:

I know. It was a it was a very Feisty post. Yes. People were excited about Starbucks. Yeah.

Erica [00:06:59]:

Anyway, so it's the season. Whatever. Another amazing thing I wanted to share with you I, today, just got back from Mayo Clinic. Lucky you. Mhmm. And someone put a finger in my butthole.

Jules [00:07:11]:

Do tell. That sounds just almost as exciting as the Starbucks story. So you can't wait to hear about this one. Yeah, guys. I'm glad that was not at Starbucks.

Erica [00:07:23]:

He was actually at Starbucks. It's in the bathroom. I thought the guy was a doctor. Don't be scared of digital rectal exams because there is nothing to be afraid of.

Jules [00:07:34]:

The PSA for this show.

Erica [00:07:37]:

Don't be afraid. The more you know, star swipe. Mhmm. Yeah. Don't be afraid with the digital rectal exams because they can find a lot of things when they put a finger in your bunghole. So here you go. That was my thing. Yeah.

Erica [00:07:50]:

But, anyway, I just I hate when doctors are not willing and able to do that for you because it's a really important part of, like, your

Jules [00:07:58]:

Who's not willing and able to do that for you? Because everyone in the g GYN exam, they do didn't like it.

Erica [00:08:03]:

My other GI didn't do it, and I'm like, excuse me? Did a colonoscopy. Was Fine with getting the money from a colonoscopy. Not okay with doing a DRE. So I went to my doctor today. I'm like, my last doctor my last doctor didn't do a DRE. She's like, Why? My great question. Do you want to put it on my chart and ask her? Because that's ridiculous. So if you didn't know, I've been fighting trying to get back into Mayo after I was lapsed as a patient years ago.

Erica [00:08:31]:

So Mayo Clinic doesn't let anyone in. They have a massive waiting list. It's like a club in Las Vegas or something. I don't know. Like, I've never been to anything as exclusive as being a patient in Mayo Clinic. But if you're not in there because I was a lapsed Patient. Basically, you have to call every month and be like, hello? Is there a doctor who's able to see me? Like, no. Try again next month.

Jules [00:08:52]:

I'm like, there's a doctor who's able to stick their finger in me?

Erica [00:08:55]:

Just a Canadian doctor. A dentist? You have a dentist. Yeah. I'll take it. So, anyway, I went today, and she goes, it's an hour exam. We're gonna get to know each other again, because we haven't seen each other for in like 10 years. And I'm like, I'm gonna cry. It's amazing.

Erica [00:09:10]:

Went from head to toe It was amazing. So, please, there are good GIs out there. You may have to wait on a waiting list to get in, But, like, please see a GI who's, like, willing and able to sit down with you, talk about, like, the not so fun parts of GIs, putting fingers in buttholes, talking about colonoscopy, Talking about endoscopy, and she's also like, when was the last time you had your celiac panel done? I'm like, I don't know. She goes, you have to do it every year. It's the Mayo Clinic guidelines. I'm like, oh, I forget. Mayo Clinic is so good. You know? And so I have to go get my acyloid panel done Which I know I'm fine.

Erica [00:09:47]:

It's like, this is kind of maintenance, and I'm like, oh, I wish that more people did it. She goes, you're preaching to the choir. So I'm happy because I finally have a GI who I know and is so trustworthy and is so amazing and Accredited with writing papers and is just such a lovely human being, and it made me so happy. And I wanna share that happiness because I have not had that happiness with doctors in probably 10 years. Yeah. That's awesome. Day.

Jules [00:10:13]:

Well, I'm glad. I'm very happy for you.

Erica [00:10:15]:

Did see her. I did see her in Vancouver when we were both at the American College of Gastroenterology together, And that's how we reconnected. Aw. Isn't that special? So did

Jules [00:10:24]:

you pick her because of that or no?

Erica [00:10:26]:

I she was a doctor who diagnosed me celiac disease 12 years ago.

Jules [00:10:31]:

Oh, seriously?

Erica [00:10:32]:

Yeah. Wow.

Jules [00:10:33]:

Well, that's that's very cool. Gosh. I don't know what I would do if I ever ran into the doctor who diagnosed me with celiac disease always many years ago.

Jules [00:10:42]:

yeah. Well, I absolutely would. He's he's in West Virginia, so it would be It would be a trip.

Erica [00:10:49]:

That would be. It's a very long way to just have

Jules [00:10:51]:

a hug. In more than one way, it would be a trip. But yeah. So I had a a colonoscopy and endoscopy last week, And I posted pictures. So fun.

Erica [00:11:03]:

But what did you post pictures of? You posted pictures of you and your little outfit, but you didn't post my of the procedure actual being done.

Jules [00:11:08]:

No. But I could post pictures of my, like, completely healed upper intestinal tract, Which I love because when I when I would go and speak to the medical students at University of Maryland, that would be part of my, The slides is Yeah. I would show pictures I would show pictures of the not so good looking inside of Jules' Upper intestinal tract when I was first, when I first had my scope showing that I had celiac disease. And so now I could show another one saying, you know, oh, this is what it looks like when you're on a free diet. But it was really cute to see the pathology report and everything come back, and it was really funny. And they're like, no evidence of celiac disease. Yes. Yes.

Jules [00:11:51]:

Yes. I'm not surprised, but, I mean, I am pretty compliant patient. But

Erica [00:11:56]:

You think? Yeah. It'd be so wild if you were just, like, Now eating gluten all the time, and you run a dedicated gluten free company.

Jules [00:12:03]:

Yeah. But to everybody listening, that does not mean I don't have Celiac. So if you're in the same situation and you get that back, it doesn't mean like, oh, it doesn't mean I have celiac anymore. I can go eat Gluten. No. That's not what that means. It kind of it looks a little confusing to say no evidence of celiac disease. It means I'm in remission, essentially.

Jules [00:12:22]:

It means I'm not exposing my body to gluten. Therefore, I am healed in that way. I have other issues, but, like, that particular issue You're

Erica [00:12:30]:

not showing damage of celiac disease is what I should say. Exactly. How fun for us both. What a fun time. Celiac sisters.

Jules [00:12:42]:

Going going to, you know, touch off all of those, you know, Checking off all the boxes at the end of the year, I guess. Right? Coming to the doctor.

Erica [00:12:53]:

I guess. I hope I can get in by the end of the year just like Free insurance or whatever. I mean, it's not free. Deductible has been met. Needs to be met.

Jules [00:13:04]:

Yeah. Right. Yeah. We'll see.

Erica [00:13:05]:

They're gonna do So many tests and procedures that I'm pretty sure I'm gonna hit that deductible.

Jules [00:13:11]:

Yeah. Because Mayo. Their because their Middle name mean is thorough. Yeah.

Erica [00:13:19]:

Yeah. And I guess a swallow, like like a capsule Capsule thing.

Jules [00:13:24]:

Are you doing the swallow oh, that mean, the capsule endoscopy?

Erica [00:13:28]:

No. I get to swallow it to see my Oh,

Jules [00:13:31]:

swallow test.

Erica [00:13:31]:

Esophagus. Mhmm. And then I get to swallow barium to see how fast it goes.

Jules [00:13:38]:

Ugh. I don't like that.

Erica [00:13:40]:

No. That's not gonna be fun. But, you

Jules [00:13:43]:

know, at least it'll be over, and you'll have the test results back, and you'll have some answers, hopefully, Which is always the thing that

Erica [00:13:50]:

you're about to what we want

Jules [00:13:51]:

to have with answers.

Erica [00:13:58]:

So speaking of ACG, not much to share, honestly. I'll share a couple of, tidbits.

Jules [00:14:04]:

And I'll share some of my Instagram what ACG It's

Erica [00:14:07]:

for the American College of Gastroenterology annual scientific meeting. It was in Vancouver this year. That's what we're alluding to earlier. There's not too much to share. I did share some, like, Instagram stories about IBS.

Erica [00:14:20]:

it was a lot of IBS this year and not so much celiac. I think celiac research is more towards, At DDW, which is Digestive Disease Week, which will happen next year in May. But not not a ton to share. I will share, though, my favorite, Bakery, gluten free bakery, probably thus far. I'd say it's, like, probably tied with some of them, but it's it's a it's a tall order. Was called Glue Free Epicurean, and it's super high rated on Find Me Gluten Free. It's in Vancouver, and, It's they have sandwiches. They make pizza, but primarily all baked goods.

Erica [00:14:58]:

But their baked goods are, I wanna Caveat this with I am also dairy free. So there are so many restaurants and bakeries that make, like, a croissant, a gluten free croissant, like Mariposa. Has butter in it. Right? So I can never have that fun flaky crust anymore. This place, like, 90% of their stuff was dairy free, And it was incredible. It was so freaking good. I went there twice. Then I also got, baking mixes, which were very

Jules [00:15:28]:

good. Yeah?

Erica [00:15:30]:

Yeah. Very good. Their scone mix, is incredible. That's awesome. Really good. And, I, you know, I'm very preferential with my scone mixes because I always used to go to Back to Eden In Portland. And then I would buy their stuff online and have it shipped to my house, just cone mixes. And he makes scones all the time with it.

Erica [00:15:54]:

They closed down RIP. And I had to start buying Pamela's because they're the 2nd favorite scone mix because Matt is also a discerning scone person too. So, that's the only scone mix we have unless we make it from scratch. Also, I'm not talking about making it from scratch because I could just use your flour and have a delicious scone mix, but I don't have time for that right now in my life. So I bought a scone mix, made some. It was incredible. But their flaky pastries We're so freaking good. I also took tiramisu home and did the plane.

Jules [00:16:28]:

Didn't travel on the plane so well.

Erica [00:16:31]:

Just I will tell you that didn't work out well.

Jules [00:16:34]:

Just thinking ahead that that maybe wasn't

Erica [00:16:37]:

When I bought it, I was like, yes. And then when I put it in my backpack, I'm all. This is not going to end well. In your bag. But that night, I took it out, and I'm like, oh, no. This is not good, but it was delicious. But it looked like someone shit inside a box and, like, oh, yum. And then they have, like yummy.

Erica [00:16:59]:

Baguettes, they had us they have their big thing is sourdough, so they make fresh sourdough bread. Mhmm. Dude. And everyone was like, if it's so good, it must be that that flour, like Caputo's that has the wheat starch in it. And I go, This is not a European bakery. All their stuff is legitimate gluten free. Good. Good.

Erica [00:17:21]:

Good. That's awesome. They're so kind and so nice. They were because I

Jules [00:17:26]:

know you were you were really worried because you hadn't done a lot of research before you left. And you were like, okay. I'm landing, and I don't know where I'm gonna eat. And you were you were very distressed.

Erica [00:17:36]:

Fair, I ate at the same sushi restaurant for, like, Four out of the 10 meals, and the other 2 were at a restaurant bar. So, like, the food sitch wasn't necessarily great. But, like, I got a vegan sandwich from them to take to the airport. I mean, so good. A 100% if I ever go back to Vancouver, I'm like, I hope I took I hope I drive because that way I can load up the car with a bunch of things.

Jules [00:18:03]:

And a cooler So you can freeze it on when you get home.

Erica [00:18:06]:

And not take tiramisu in a backpack. Yeah. I don't ever think that tiramisu was ever meant to be a backpacking food. No. I was like, let's try it. Yeah.

Jules [00:18:16]:

No. You know what? Good morning. You have to try everything once.

Erica [00:18:20]:

Dream, believe, achieve, Jules.

Jules [00:18:22]:

Oh god. No. Please not.

Erica [00:18:26]:

So, anyways, that was my that's my adventure. That's what I've had so far. So Excellent. Love it. It's It's wild because that was October. We had our Halloween episode, but my god.

Jules [00:18:36]:

Thanksgiving is crazy. I'm not really sure how that And, I guess, because And you were just here. I was, and and then we had all this travel. I think that's the problem is that we have been traveling too much, and so, like, time just went Gone. And now all of a sudden, It is Thanksgiving. And I I I don't like when Thanksgiving is early like this because I feel like I never have time to get ready. I like when Thanksgiving is the last week

Erica [00:19:11]:


Jules [00:19:12]:

Of November, and it's not, obviously. But that being said By the

Erica [00:19:19]:

way, I tried to explain to Matt that that Thanksgiving isn't The same day every year. He's like, but Christmas is. I'm like, your Christmas is technically, I guess, a birthday. Can you believe it? So that doesn't change, but, like yeah. He goes, thanksgiving is early. What does that mean? I'm like, I don't know. I think it's, like, a the 3rd Thursday or something. Mhmm.

Erica [00:19:39]:

I don't I don't even know. I know is that sometimes I panic, and sometimes I feel like I have enough time. Yeah. And this is the year that I have here. Panic.

Jules [00:19:47]:

This is the panic year.

Erica [00:19:48]:

For sure. For sure.

Jules [00:19:50]:

Panic year for Thanksgiving, but, I have tried mightily to help people not Panic. And so I'm trying to live that, to dream, believe, achieve.

Erica [00:20:03]:

You're trying to live, laugh, love. You're trying to live, laugh, love your way through Thanksgiving.

Jules [00:20:07]:

That. Yes. And so I'm trying I'm trying to embody all of that as well. And so I have I invest heavily in Thanksgiving preparation on my blog. My most popular ebook by far is my Thanksgiving ebook because it's 96 pages 46 recipes or something like that and update it. But it's not just the recipes. It's about the planning. And even though Thanksgiving is next week, there is still Plenty of planning and plenty plenty of preparations that you can do.

Jules [00:20:48]:

Yeah. No. There's plenty that you can do. But, I mean, you know, people find themselves either hosting or going to someone else's house. So those are the 2 options. And so if you're hosting, invariably, not everyone to come

Erica [00:21:01]:

into your house is gluten free. Mhmm. And if

Jules [00:21:03]:

you're going to someone else's house, you're Probably not going to someone else's house who is gluten free or who has all the dietary restrictions that you do because that would be, like, Heaven on earth. Right? Like, to be able to, you know, go to someone else's house who had exactly the same dietary restrictions that you did. So there are ways that you have to navigate that. And so I cover that in the ebook, but I also have a post on my blog, called crash course for a gluten free Thanksgiving. And I mean that literally. Like, it's crash course. Like, don't have time to read the 96 page ebook? Then here it is. Like, so You can go check that out at GFJULES.COM.

Jules [00:21:40]:

We'll put a link to it here too. And I have a ton of recipes on my blog as well. But, Basically, what I tell people is, you know, look. If you were to show up at somebody's house for Thanksgiving, if it's not at your house, What is it that if, you know, the end of the day at Thanksgiving, you know, you said, I'm just so sad because I didn't have x, y, or z that made my Thanksgiving. You know? Then make sure that that's what you bring with you to, where you're going for Thanksgiving because that's it's all about, like, your traditions, your, You know, your memories and your special, recipes. Those are the things that you wanna make sure that you have on your Thanksgiving table. It doesn't matter

Erica [00:22:27]:

if the house wants them. Yeah. Screw them. Make them. On today, today, you posted one of my favorites from you, which is the Gluten free maple pumpkin cobbler. Mhmm. Yeah. So interesting.

Erica [00:22:39]:

Yeah. And just, like, combines some of the best flavors of fall together. Mhmm. I love

Jules [00:22:44]:

that recipe. And that's a newer one of my recipes. I mean, most of the recipes that I have, in the ebook and in that crash course are just, like, classics, Like, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie and pull apart dinner rolls and yes.

Erica [00:22:57]:

The dinner rolls.

Jules [00:22:58]:

Oh, I know. Those those dinner rolls are just heavenly. And, of course, they're all very, very easy recipes. They're classics. But, you know, if if it was hard, I wouldn't have it on my blog because I wouldn't have the patience to make it myself. So, you know, crescent rolls, those are easy to make too. You know, all of this is from scratch, or you can use one of my mixes. But There, there's still time to get all the things that you need to make them, and there's still time to plan your menu.

Jules [00:23:25]:

And that's the thing is you just don't wanna be caught flat footed, like, on Wednesday. Wednesday. Oh, what am I gonna make? Right? And one of my favorite things to do for Thanksgiving It's something that I've been doing for several weeks now, but there's, again, still time to do it, which is I bake homemade bread, and then we don't usually finish the whole loaf. And so I'll slice the loaf and cube the loaf and then shove that in a, like, freezer bag. Shove it in the freezer. And I have 2 or 3 bags of cubes of homemade bread of different kinds. And, I'll Throw that in, and I'll have enough to make, any, you know, type of Thanksgiving stuffing that I want. And one of my favorite, recipes for Thanksgiving is this Harvest stuffing that I have all kinds of beautiful vegetables in it, like, you know, carrots and things like that that are just really pretty.

Jules [00:24:14]:

But it's so pretty to make, Like, homemade pumpernickel and homemade, you know, white bread and different kinds of breads and mix them together, just leftovers that I've had, you know, for weeks or months in my freezer, and I just dump them all in there. Of course, you can use store bought bread and and instead just Cut that up into cubes.

Erica [00:24:33]:

Or a stuffing mix if you really

Jules [00:24:35]:

want to do. Yeah. If you can find 1 or if you, order 1 online, you can use a stuffing mix too. But I like Doing the homemade bread because I can cube it in whatever size I want, and I think it looks really authentic and, you know, just It's just fun to to do that, and have, like, large, you know, different size cubes or different types of breads when you throw that into Harvest Staffing. I think that's really pretty. So there's lots of different ways to do it, but make sure that whatever your Thanksgiving looks like at the end of the day is your Thanksgiving. Like, making happy recipes makes you happy. And I have, you know, no fail, homemade, gluten free pie crust.

Jules [00:25:16]:

I have, like, Video after video after video of how to do it. I promise it's easy if you use the recipe and the ingredients that I have in there, but I even have, like, a crustless Pumpkin pie recipe. I mean, everybody needs pumpkin pie. And and, of course, Erica and I are dairy free, so all of this is dairy free. I have, egg substitutes for, like, every recipe under the sun. So all kinds of

Erica [00:25:39]:

tested, which matters because you can't just throw on an egg substitute.

Jules [00:25:44]:

No. Mater egg substitutes work for every recipe. So, you know, it's it's all about making sure everyone at the table can eat Everything. And, you know, in our house, we have a lot of, you know, Extended family that come, and none of them seem to have any dietary restrictions. I don't know how that happened, But, lucky them.

Erica [00:26:07]:

Good for you.

Jules [00:26:08]:

I know. Right? You you are so very lucky. But so They'll, you know, bring their favorite, you know, whatever, and I'll make my stuff, and they'll eat both. You know? And I'll make sure that I get to have The things that are important to me at the table, and then I have separate serving spoons, and I have them separate in separate areas and, like so everything is delineated. And I have these great little, they're wooden, little stakes that stay free on them, And they're they're handmade by a Baltimore husband and wife company called Words With Boards. They're so cute, and they're reusable. Words with boards? Yeah. Words with boards.

Jules [00:26:50]:

And, I I just stick those in everything that's gluten free, and that way everyone knows, and there's no, you know, cross Cross contamination issues, like leave the spoons in there. So all of this information, again, is in the crash course post, but it's also in the ebook. And, you know, I've been doing this For so long and helping people for so long with this very, very, very important food holiday, and I feel like I've Covered just about everything, but, I don't know. It's it's just mostly about making sure people don't feel left out and making sure that you have all of your old favorites, which every single one of them can be made gluten free.

Erica [00:27:31]:

You don't have to feel left out. Yeah. I wanna talk to you about your planning checklist because it's always great. We did this at the magazine too. We were, like, 1 week out, 2 days out. Yeah. Day of, Day before. So, 1, we are officially what? Oh my god.

Erica [00:27:46]:

1 week out? Is today Thursday? Oh my gosh. That's terrifying. Don't know why I just said that. Okay. That was horrible. Okay. Oh, I just like, my stomach just dropped. Okay.

Erica [00:27:57]:

So 1 week out, Make your grocery list, obviously. Purchase your nonperishable items. Now at 1 week out, should I be purchasing my vegetables, or should I wait a little while?

Jules [00:28:08]:

If you can wait, you should wait. Yeah.

Erica [00:28:11]:

I don't want it to be gross. K. Buy your turkey to make sure you have a blue turkey.

Jules [00:28:16]:


Erica [00:28:17]:

Or just don't have turkey if you're a vegetarian. What do you have? Like, fish?

Jules [00:28:21]:

No. My sister-in-law and my brother-in-law make a turkey, and I don't eat it. I mean, they bring it every year, and everyone else eats it.

Erica [00:28:30]:

But what do you eat? You don't? You just eat everything else?

Jules [00:28:33]:

I'm here for the sides, girlfriend. Like, Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving because I mean, I I have, what, 2, 3 recipes of sweet potatoes. I've got green bean casserole.

Erica [00:28:46]:

I've got mashed

Jules [00:28:47]:

potatoes. I've got no. I mean, I have brussels sprouts. I mean, cranberries. Like, Bread, I am so full on sides. It's ridiculous. I'm in.

Erica [00:28:56]:

I love making fresh cranberry sauce. So good with, like, a blood orange and, like, maybe a little cinnamon juice in there too.

Jules [00:29:04]:

So good.

Erica [00:29:05]:

So yummy. So good. Okay. So make sure if you are having a turkey, you time out when you thaw your turkey. You're supposed to allow 24 hours for every 5 lbs. Mhmm. It's terrifying.

Jules [00:29:19]:

Have you ever cooked a turkey, like a whole turkey? Yes. I I Wait. Wait. Wait. Mhmm. Say the word, spatchcock.

Erica [00:29:28]:

I did not spatchcock it.

Jules [00:29:29]:

I actually you talk about doing that, it just makes me laugh. Like, I don't understand what you're saying.

Erica [00:29:35]:

You, oh my god. I was in, my workout class, And we were talking about, doing deep squats, like, where your legs are really spread out. And she goes, Deeper, deeper squash. Pretend like you're at the OB GYN and you're getting ready to put in the stirrups. And every time I think about spatchcocking, think about doing that with the turkey. Do you have

Jules [00:30:00]:

to break it so gross? To do that?

Erica [00:30:02]:

Yeah. You have to break the backbone. Cut down the backbone. Oh, sorry, vegans. So anyway, I'd not spack pocket, but I bought one of the very, very expensive turkeys that are, like, Hand raised because I'm like, I'm gonna be ethical this year. And if something has to be murdered, I guess it has to have a really nice life too. So I

Jules [00:30:21]:

meet one of those name, it has to have a family. Oh, I didn't have to cry when they killed it.

Erica [00:30:26]:

I, like, met it on the farm. It was, like, way cool. That's so

Jules [00:30:33]:

sad. That's that's my cat.

Erica [00:30:35]:

Is that you? Yeah. Oh my god. I'm just like The ghost of a cat. Am I right? What is going on?

Jules [00:30:42]:

No. I think that's

Erica [00:30:42]:

Oh, that was wild. One of mine. Okay. Good. It's not mine this time. So, anyway, I bought this very expensive turkey that had a name. There's a Bob's Burgers episode about, when he buys this, like, a very expensive Turkey and the turkey's name is popcorn, and this is like they, like, described who this turkey was, and I'm like, oh my god. This is so me that year.

Erica [00:31:01]:

Like, absolutely. So I bought it. I didn't spatchcock it. I made it, and I'm like, oh, it's a turkey. Like, it didn't taste any different, and I'm like, oh, so I stopped doing that. And so now my aunt just makes the turkey. But I do cut it every year because I don't trust my mother around, like, electric knives, so we'll do it together to make sure that nobody has to go to

Jules [00:31:20]:

the hospital.

Erica [00:31:21]:

Oh, okay. That's a really good story. That's a great story. To you about turkeys. Anyway

Jules [00:31:26]:

I did ask about spat I know.

Erica [00:31:29]:

Whatever the heck that means. You oh my god. It's the best. If I get I have a turkey in my deep freezer right now that we're gonna make, like, not on Thanksgiving because it's a small turkey. I got for free with, like, a butcher box delivery. I'm gonna spatchcock it. It's gonna be so so crushing good. Anyway okay.

Erica [00:31:46]:

So now 1 to 2 days out, Make your pies. How far in advance can I make pies?

Jules [00:31:52]:

Well, it depends on the pie. Like, I really like pumpkin pie made, You know, 2 days in advance because I just think that the the spices set in and that tastes even better. And and it helps you with the rest of your planning. I wouldn't make it more than 2 days in advance, but 1 to 2 days

Erica [00:32:12]:

in advance. Peach pie? I'm making a peach pie.

Jules [00:32:15]:

I just make all of those the day before. Before? Mhmm.

Erica [00:32:17]:

Okay. Make stuffing, you say the day before.

Jules [00:32:21]:

Yep. You can do that the day before. Or you make, like, you could, like, set it all up and put it in your fridge and then just bake it.

Erica [00:32:28]:

Mhmm. Make cran that no. That's my cat Trying. Make cranberry sauce and make sweet potato casserole the day before.

Jules [00:32:36]:

The casseroles are great because you can I'll make almost all of those the day before. I don't do, like put them in the fridge. Yeah. I don't do the, the crunchy onions and stuff. I don't put that on top the day before, and I don't obviously cook ones with the marshmallows, and I put the marshmallows on top the day before. That all that's all like a finishing stuff, but you could do the underlying part first.

Erica [00:32:58]:

And then Thanksgiving Day, make your stuffing or dressing depending on how you wanna do it. I think it's super gross if you make dressing. Don't put anything into the body cavity of a raw bird. Just saying. It's not smart. Don't do it. Make it outside the bird.

Jules [00:33:15]:

Yeah. There's so many reasons why that's a problem because you have to make sure that it actually reaches a certain temperature and, like, you know lot of work. It is a lot of work. And then your turkey doesn't cook as evenly, and so that's a lot of work. And then you also have to make sure that, obviously, that the stuffing is gluten free. Otherwise, if you put gluten stuffing inside the turkey, then you can eat the turkey if you're gluten, intolerant or celiac. So It just makes it so much easier if you just do the dressing or the stuffing on the

Erica [00:33:47]:

Oh, so rolls. Do you make them in advance the day before, or do you, like, Parbake them, what do you do for your rolls?

Jules [00:33:53]:

I far prefer to do all of that on the day of. Like, that's why I like to get rid of all the the casseroles and the pies and stuff like that. Like, get all that stuff out of the way, and then I just focus on my breads that day because I just that that's the best way to make them. But, like, for my, pull apart dinner rolls recipe, which is so popular on Thanksgiving, that's what everyone wants to make. Everyone's always, you know, asking, you know, how do I make them in advance? How do you know? So I have 14 different ways to make that in advance if you want or need to do it, But the best result is to make them the day of if you can.

Erica [00:34:29]:

Okay. And then mashed mashed potatoes, all your potatoes off can be done day of Or the day before. You can make mashed potatoes the day before.

Jules [00:34:39]:

Yeah. You just refresh them with by adding a little bit more milk or something like that and just whipping them again. I mean, the starch can set in and and make it a little thicker, but that's why you just, like, whip them up again with a

Erica [00:34:50]:

little bit more milk.

Jules [00:34:50]:

Dairy cream.

Erica [00:34:51]:

Bread, you can do the day before. Right?

Jules [00:34:54]:

K. And that my pumpkin cornbread is great for Thanksgiving. I mean, regular cornbread is too, gluten free, obviously, both, but, The pumpkin cornbread's really fun.

Erica [00:35:04]:

I'm making gluten free stuffing. I'm making a wild rice with vegetables.

Jules [00:35:11]:

Are you adding, like, cranberry cranberries and nuts and things like that to it?

Erica [00:35:14]:

No. I'm just adding, like, like, greens and, mushrooms.

Jules [00:35:20]:

Like sauteing the mushrooms separately and then adding them in? Yes.

Erica [00:35:23]:

What kind of mushrooms? I'm at doing olive oil cake because everyone loved it. Yes. I'll look at it. Peach pie, and I'm only making a peach pie because, you know, minimalist, the brand that we love. Mhmm.

Jules [00:35:36]:

They had the filling. Yes.

Erica [00:35:38]:

They had the fillings on clearance, so I bought a ton of them. Peach for Thanksgiving. Okay. Listen. It's the only thing I have she says.

Jules [00:35:47]:

Listen. So That's it.

Erica [00:35:48]:

Guess what I made yesterday. A croissant?

Jules [00:35:53]:

No. I'm, like, making pies. It's like a segway.

Erica [00:35:56]:

Oh, a derby pie, A Shoe Fly Pie. No. Those are gross, by the way. They're they're so much.

Jules [00:36:05]:

Shoe Fly Pies? They're not

Erica [00:36:07]:

There's so much. There's so much. Yeah.

Jules [00:36:10]:

But my mine actually wasn't as, like, over the top suite like that. I don't use, like, Cairo and all that kind of Oh,

Erica [00:36:17]:

I did. Oh, I mean, PM brittle. That was a complete fail, by the way. Oh, yes. I saw that. Let's remember that. And that making a pay speaking of Karo, I've never in my life purchased corn syrup. Never ever ever.

Erica [00:36:27]:

Even for popcorn balls, I do not use corn syrup. So I made I bought a corn syrup, a corn syrup, a bottle of corn syrup, And I need these, and corn syrup did me dirty. So I no I no longer support corn syrup. Because before you were big, big corn advocate.

Jules [00:36:47]:

Big high fructose corn syrup advocate. Love the HFCs. Yeah. No. I so even my vegan, pecan pie, I don't use it. I use the bagel syrup and Yeah. That's much better. Yeah.

Jules [00:37:02]:

I love it. I I'm

Erica [00:37:03]:

So tell me, what did you make? Because I really didn't guess it.

Jules [00:37:06]:

So I, you know, I have the new Nada flour out the grain free

Erica [00:37:10]:

Yes. Yes. So I've

Jules [00:37:11]:

got a lot of people asking, can you use that to make a pie crust? It's like, yes. Absolutely. It doesn't Stretch as much as, like, my GF Jules flour stretches, makes it easy, easy, easy to transfer pie crust and stuff. So I was like, Let me make 1, make a video, which I'm currently editing right now, so hopefully, I'll have that up tomorrow, showing how to make it and then to transfer the pie crust and all that. But I found these beautiful red pears at the grocery store.

Erica [00:37:41]:


Jules [00:37:42]:

And Pear skin isn't as tough as apple skin is.

Erica [00:37:47]:

No. You can leave it on.

Jules [00:37:48]:

They go the left. It on Mhmm. Instead of having to peel the apples, which saved me time. I'm all about that. So I made a pear and cranberry pie with the nada flour. So good. It was so good, and that's what I had for lunch today. I mean, when you're taking pictures and your, You know, cocoa whip melts.

Jules [00:38:11]:

You just have to eat the pie.

Erica [00:38:13]:

Yeah. We just threw away the the peanut brittle because we're like, we can't.

Jules [00:38:17]:

This is gross. Our teeth are gonna fall out.

Erica [00:38:20]:

Oh. That's I don't know how people eat that kind of stuff.

Jules [00:38:24]:

And me, like, and those apples with the that are, like, You know, hard on the outside with the I can't do that either.

Erica [00:38:32]:

I used to love those candies that were basically a sour apple, And then it's coated in caramel, but my teeth didn't love it because it's like, let's take out some fillings.

Jules [00:38:42]:

Yeah. Mhmm.

Erica [00:38:43]:

But I love that flavor. I just I cannot imagine eating as much peanut brittle as I did in the past 2 days, and it's not even peanut brittle. It's peanut. It's like moist peanut brittle. Ew.

Jules [00:38:57]:

It didn't it didn't

Erica [00:38:58]:

set up? No. And I followed the instructions, but I think my version of caramel coloring and their version of caramel coloring is different. I didn't dairy either. Yes. But this one wasn't a dairy inclusive recipe.

Jules [00:39:18]:

Okay. Interesting.

Erica [00:39:19]:

Anyway, I tempt it, and I was like, alright.

Jules [00:39:23]:


Erica [00:39:24]:

Corn serve did me dirty.

Jules [00:39:25]:

Corn syrup did me dirty.

Erica [00:39:27]:

So I will not be making that for the holidays. Alright. Well,

Jules [00:39:31]:

you know, you can make chocolate bark, vegan chocolate bark.

Erica [00:39:34]:

It's a taste. We made it melt aways. It's so easy. There's It's so easy to melt chocolate and put fun things in it. Yeah. It's super fun. Yeah. Anyway, so clearly, that's what I will not be making.

Erica [00:39:45]:

But, Stay tuned to Jules' Instagram. She'll be posting up videos too of what she's been making. I will probably not post anything because don't even know what I'm making besides the 2 things that I mentioned was stuffing and wild rice and a cake and a peach pie, which now that I've seen Jules' face, I think maybe that's not the right choice for Thanksgiving.

Jules [00:40:05]:

I people are gonna eat it anyway. They're just gonna say, where'd you get the peaches?

Erica [00:40:09]:

I just oh, yeah. But then again, you live

Jules [00:40:11]:

in Arizona. God only knows what they grow there.

Erica [00:40:13]:

It's it's 90 degrees.

Jules [00:40:15]:

Yeah. Freaking 90 degrees. Peaches. Who knows?

Erica [00:40:18]:

Oh, no. It's ridiculous. Anyway, thanks for tuning in to our special Thanksgiving episode. We hope that your cooking is far better than anything that I did this past weekend, We cannot wait to see what you made. If you make something with Jules' amazing flour mixes, please tag her on social media because That means I get to see it too. That's true. I wanna see what you guys make. Well, if

Jules [00:40:42]:

you have any questions, please reach out. We have a whole week to help you.

Erica [00:40:46]:

I mean, I will be of 0 help. I will be if you wanna write a letter to your mom to be like, mom, I'm gonna if we I will only come to Thanksgiving with you if we don't talk about politics or menopause or whatever, and I'll be like, I will write that letter for you. But If you need baking help, you should absolutely ask Charles because it's not gonna be me. It's not me.

Jules [00:41:09]:

No. Here for it. Here for it.

Erica [00:41:11]:

I'm here for you. Need to know about spatchcocking the turkey, I'll answer your questions because that's okay.

Jules [00:41:15]:

For that. Nope. No. No spatchcocking in my, past or future.

Erica [00:41:21]:

I mean, that that sounded pretty judgmental, but, like, we're we're Spashcock friendly. We're Spashcock friendly. Whatever.

Jules [00:41:27]:

Assure you that that's not happening

Erica [00:41:28]:

over here. Okay. This has been fun. Thanks a lot, Jules. It's just an honor and a pleasure to see you every day here On You Had Me At Eat. That place simultaneously in my head just all day long. Yes. Well, it's always good to see you as well.

Erica [00:41:45]:

And all the dumb things we say. Thanks for tuning in to another episode you had me to eat. Remember to like and subscribe, and tell all your friends. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. Yeah. Happy Thanksgiving. Yeah. Happy spatchcocking, everyone.

Erica [00:41:59]:


Jules [00:42:06]:

Thanks for tuning in to You Have Me The, the number 1 voted gluten free podcast in the country. Remember to like and subscribe, tell all your friends, and we'll talk to you next time.