You Had Me At Eat

Episode 43: Gluten-free dairy-free New York City, gfJules NADA flour, sad restaurant salads, and a celiac disease follow-up biopsy scoring system

September 04, 2023 You Had Me At Eat Season 2 Episode 43
Episode 43: Gluten-free dairy-free New York City, gfJules NADA flour, sad restaurant salads, and a celiac disease follow-up biopsy scoring system
You Had Me At Eat
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You Had Me At Eat
Episode 43: Gluten-free dairy-free New York City, gfJules NADA flour, sad restaurant salads, and a celiac disease follow-up biopsy scoring system
Sep 04, 2023 Season 2 Episode 43
You Had Me At Eat

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Join Erica and Jules on the second episode of Season 2 of You Had Me At Eat Podcast. On this episode, Jules talks about traveling gluten-free to New York City, and highlights some new-to-us restaurants. Erica talks about her favorite carbs, and a new gluten-free vegan Banza frozen pizza, and her favorite Pizza Dust by The Spice Lab. Erica also shares the saddest restaurant salad, and new research from Beyond Celiac about a new scoring system to help determine if you need a follow-up endoscopy and biopsy after your celiac disease diagnosis.

gfJules grain-free nut-free NADA flour
Gluten-free blueberry muffin recipe aka "travel muffins"
Gluten-free pizza on the grill
Banza gluten-free vegan pizza
Pizza Dust by The Spice Lab
PLNT Burger
Le Botaniste
Risotteria Melotti nyc
Anita gelato
Jules's NYC Video
Beyond Celiac follow-up biopsy for celiac disease scoring system research 

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Something on your mind? Erica & Jules would love to hear from you!

Join Erica and Jules on the second episode of Season 2 of You Had Me At Eat Podcast. On this episode, Jules talks about traveling gluten-free to New York City, and highlights some new-to-us restaurants. Erica talks about her favorite carbs, and a new gluten-free vegan Banza frozen pizza, and her favorite Pizza Dust by The Spice Lab. Erica also shares the saddest restaurant salad, and new research from Beyond Celiac about a new scoring system to help determine if you need a follow-up endoscopy and biopsy after your celiac disease diagnosis.

gfJules grain-free nut-free NADA flour
Gluten-free blueberry muffin recipe aka "travel muffins"
Gluten-free pizza on the grill
Banza gluten-free vegan pizza
Pizza Dust by The Spice Lab
PLNT Burger
Le Botaniste
Risotteria Melotti nyc
Anita gelato
Jules's NYC Video
Beyond Celiac follow-up biopsy for celiac disease scoring system research 

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Erica [00:00:13]:

Hey. I'm Erica,

Jules [00:00:14]:

and I'm Jules. Most people have at least one thing that they can't or won't eat.

Erica [00:00:19]:

Now we're definitely like that.

Jules [00:00:21]:

When we started this podcast to talk about the gluten free food industry,

Erica [00:00:25]:

like new products and some of the stories behind your favorite brands.

Jules [00:00:29]:

And living life with a specialty diet and also some important health care topic.

Erica [00:00:34]:

since we're basically both broken inside. You had me at eat. Hello, everyone. Welcome back to

Jules [00:00:52]:

And I'm Jules. And we're here to just talk about.

Erica [00:00:57]:

I don't know. A lot of things. You've got a lot of things to cover. you know, we're back in it. It's season 2, 2 for 2 for, today's Labor Day. We've got the day off, which is why we're recording on a Monday, which is wild.

Jules [00:01:12]:

yeah, and, and we're working on Labor Day, which, you know, that's fitting. That seems fitting, don't you think?

Erica [00:01:19]:

unpaid, but -- To work in payment? -- is unpaid labor. So, actually, it's, like, the opposite. -- what Labor Day was meant to be, but, okay. Yeah. It's cool.

Jules [00:01:26]:

I think I think that that that's that heard of me, it just sums up our lives. Don't you think, Erica?

Erica [00:01:33]:

I've got a new household chores and talk about, oh, the 9 to 5 after 5 to 9 after the 9 to 5. good times. Uh-huh. What what are what are you gonna do today? Did you do

Jules [00:01:44]:

anything fun? How many holiday weekend? Anything? Anything exciting?

Erica [00:01:48]:

I'm doing nothing today. I am literally washing our sheets. I got, oh, boy, sheets, man. I wish I could be a sheet blogger because I have gone through so many iterations sheets and -- The sheet blogger.

Jules [00:02:03]:

Is that a thing? It actually is. -- such a thing as a sheet blogger. There are

Erica [00:02:06]:

sleep bloggers. Forbes hires a sleep expert and they test sheets and mattresses.

Jules [00:02:13]:

yeah. Well, no, I can I could see that, but I just didn't know there was a sheet blog.

Erica [00:02:17]:

Yeah. So -- I guess when we

Jules [00:02:18]:

went to housewares, we should have known there's there were sheet bloggers walking amongst us. The worst.

Erica [00:02:24]:

I got Brooklinen, which were recommended to me on the Internet

Jules [00:02:31]:

Do you buy everything recommended to you on the Internet?

Erica [00:02:33]:

they're so itchy and scratchy. I literally, like, googled it, and I fell down a Reddit rabbit hole, of sheet bloggers. And so now I'm I've asked for, one of the companies that pitch me sheets I'm like, oh my god. You could not have pitched me at a better time. I absolutely hate my sheets. so Matt's like, maybe if we wash them several times, the Brooklinen sheets will get nicer And I'm like, that's not what red it says, but I'll try it. So we're gonna try that, and then hopefully I get this new set of sheets that I can talk about once I've reviewed them And so I'm washing those sheets today.

Jules [00:03:11]:

So now you are gonna be a sheet blogger.

Erica [00:03:13]:


Jules [00:03:13]:

Like, forget this whole gluten free thing. You're gonna be a sheet blogger.

Erica [00:03:16]:

Yeah. watch out world.

Jules [00:03:18]:

Are are your sheets gluten free? Yeah.

Erica [00:03:22]:

Yeah. because you're just cotton. Okay. So that's what I'm gonna do today. I'm gonna rant and rave about, past internet purchases. But, yeah, we've done a we've done a lot this week We have really done done a ton, so it feels good to feel accomplished, but, I honestly the majority of my time has just been packing.

Jules [00:03:46]:

Yeah. Yeah. I understand that.

Erica [00:03:47]:

Two pieces spread about, with

Jules [00:03:52]:

that's not unlike you, actually. You're you're usually coming or going.

Erica [00:03:56]:

I am, and it's the start of a travel season again, but My cat managed to throw up inside my travel backpack. I was a backpack meant for travel. and she threw her up inside my travel backpack, which I don't even know how she got in there, but I was in my room and I'm like, is it just me or does it smell like barf in here? And I'm just like, no? No? And then I went another day about my day, And then I I looked in my suitcase and I'm like, okay, I have enough underwear and socks and I have my, you know, my flat iron. Okay. And then I'm in my backpack and I'm like, Oh my god. And she had thrown up in my backpack. And all over, I have this, like, Mark Jacobs, cute little fabric, MacBook, like, cover, threw up all over it, had to wash it. and, yeah, it was so gross. So that's what that's what I did is I cleaned up that and then just pray that, like, when I'm in Austin, I do not find another pile of vomit somewhere hidden in my suitcases that she just left for me later.

Jules [00:05:03]:

She just didn't want you to forget her, so they can't

Erica [00:05:05]:

remember me. Mhmm. Yeah. Mhmm. Wow.

Jules [00:05:09]:

I I have also not done too much this holiday weekend, although I have been doing some baking. I just got back from New York. So, of course, I did my my travel muffins that I always make when I when I travel, I like to make those travel muffins because they They work so nicely for long trips. but this time, I actually I made the travel muffins with the new grain free, NADA flour.

Jules [00:05:39]:

thought I would try that and just see. And I brought them to to our friends in New York and did not say that they were different, that they weren't made with my regular all purpose. They loved them, and they traveled really well, and they held up nicely for the trip. And I thought they were they were great.

Erica [00:05:58]:

Remind me what's in your NADA Flour. What's the base?

Jules [00:06:02]:

Okay. Well, there's it's an all, like, a it's like a blend. of lots of things. There's not like a base. So it's cassava and arrowroot for, like, there's, you know, starchy arrowroot in it, so I guess it's some lightness, but it's not a starchy flour. It's it is grain free. so there's Tigernut as well. and green banana flour and, some psyllium husk. And you don't have to add anything else to it because The psyllium also gives it some binding. Mhmm. So it holds it all together without having to add anything else to it. And the, the green banana, I really like the green banana flower is really nice. It, has resistant starches in it, which are good for your get. And the tigernut, I really like. That's what gives it sort of the nutty flavors, the tiger nut, which is not a nut. And, so it's the whole thing is completely allergen free. It's obviously top 9 certified free, like, all my products are, but it's totally nut free and, totally grain free, lectin free, you know, all that kind of happy stuff. So but it was nice because I I like using it in, you know, trying it out and all kinds of different recipes and seeing how different it is than using my regular flour, and I hadn't used it in my travel muffin recipe yet, and it worked out really, really well. So I made that earlier this week. And then, oh, So then I I came up with a new brownie recipe using Nada, which I'm gonna be publishing this week. And that was really good too. Really fudgey. and it has the crackle on top. Do you know how to get the crackle on top of brownies?

Erica [00:07:41]:


Jules [00:07:44]:

I know you're on the edge of your seat, but everybody likes the crackle on top of the brownies.

Erica [00:07:47]:

Yeah. I don't know. Yeah. I thought maybe that was just, like, each mix had its own little reason why it didn't or do it or whatever. What makes it?

Jules [00:07:56]:

So so you can get the crackle on top of your brownies if you take the eggs, and you mix the eggs with the sugar separately, and you, like, whip it up with your with your mixer for, like, 6 minutes. Yeah. And and for those of you who are listening and not watching this podcast, which is the typical way of absorbing a podcast, you're not seeing the look on Erica's face.

Erica [00:08:24]:

I just I'm trying to narrow it like, what is that?

Jules [00:08:26]:

Very puzzled.

Erica [00:08:27]:

I don't know. It's like weird scientific reactions on in food and the chemistry behind baking and why it does certain things. I'm like, that's interesting. Is it just cream? It's very cool. Cream the eggs and sugar separately, or is it like a specific time that you cream

Jules [00:08:44]:

it for? No. It's It it is yes. Yes. And yes.

Erica [00:08:47]:

All the things.

Jules [00:08:48]:

Yeah. Yeah. And normally you cream the butter and the sugar in order to coat the sugar with the fat. And and that gives it sort of the the lightness in your recipe. So instead of doing that, with a brownie recipe, if you do the eggs and the sugar together, it gives it the crackle on the top of the brownie. It's really cool. Mhmm. Mhmm. Yeah.

Erica [00:09:16]:

Food science moment.

Jules [00:09:18]:

Food science moment. Yeah. insert jingle here. Yes. so, yeah, you'll see when I publish the recipe, you'll see the nice crackle on the top of it, but that's the the recipe, the brownies turned out really yummy and fudgy, and have a nice crack on the top. But, yeah, so I did that. And then I think tonight, I think you might do grilled gluten free pizza. I love doing that, and it's so

Erica [00:09:42]:

hot outside. It's disgusting now, Jules, and I can't imagine. And it's disgusting everywhere.

Jules [00:09:47]:

Yeah. It's not great anywhere. No. No. But I I love doing the grilled pizza because you can, I just, you know, I take the I I like to use my pizza crust mix because it's faster, but I just press it out and then, let it rise for a bit. And then we throw it on the grill in literally just a few minutes. on the grill and you get those sear marks on it and then flip it and, you know, I'm gonna par bake it or not. Mm-mm. No. I mean, I well, I yes. on the grill, I parbake it. So, like, I'll we'll put it in on the grill, like, just for a few minutes on one side, flip it. like, for a couple minutes on the other side and then put the toppings on and then put it back in just long enough for, like, the cheese and stuff.

Erica [00:10:36]:


Jules [00:10:36]:

only takes a few minutes on the grill, and it's so we heat up the grill to, you know, at least 500 degrees, which you can totally do that in your oven at home as well. But if you don't wanna heat up kitchen because it's so hot outside because that's the way I normally do it is I I just cook my pizza in the, oven at home. You know, I I heat it up to 5 degrees and throw it in the oven and it takes like a total of, you know, call, like, 7 or 8 minutes, maybe 10 depending on what my toppings are total to cook the pizza. because you basically treat your oven like a pizza oven. Yeah.

Erica [00:11:10]:

I would just never -- So good. Never do that. because, it is a 100 and only 12 years still. We're having that

Jules [00:11:18]:

look something. -- just throw it on the sidewalk. You don't even need that. Yeah.

Erica [00:11:21]:

Honestly, yeah. Just right under the car on the --

Jules [00:11:24]:

On the top of your car. On your dashboard. -- gross. Any number of places you can

Erica [00:11:30]:

cook a pizza. I've been eating the, Banza frozen pizza.

Jules [00:11:34]:

Yeah. I saw that you posted about that.

Erica [00:11:35]:

Could be.

Jules [00:11:36]:

Yeah. So ours. Tell me about the texture. Tell me about the texture.

Erica [00:11:39]:

Yeah. So it's like a mix between it's I'd say it's in between, pizza that you make, like an actual pizza pizza. and the the crappy cardboard pizzas. So it's in between the two. So this is a little lightness. It does not taste bean-y. Thank god. because I could not think that. Yeah. Even Matt was like, this is really good. so it is how thick is it? It's not a thin crust. It's not a thin crust. It's just in between.

Jules [00:12:09]:

Does it it's but it's totally flat though. It doesn't sound like a crust on the edge. Right?

Erica [00:12:14]:

It has a slight crust on the edge. It's not like a cracker crust where it's just flat all the way across.

Jules [00:12:20]:

Yeah. Like the, like, this Udi's ones and stuff like this.

Erica [00:12:22]:

Those are just -- Yeah. We actually ate at a pizza joint that's by me, because I saw and find me gluten free that all these bloggers were there. And I'm like, seriously, it's just like walking distance. and we went there. It was a it was not a great restaurant. The aesthetics were not on point. but, you know, they do vegan gluten free pizza. we're like, oh my god. I you could not pay me to cook into my kitchen tonight. I'd go there and have, like, a vegan gluten free pizza, but it's straight up, like, the cracker, Udi's cracker crust where it's, like, just, like, the tasteless vehicle toppings.

Jules [00:12:59]:

Vehicle for toppings. Yeah. So, see, when I when I get one of those at a pizza joint, I end up just taking my fork and just eating the toppings off the off of because it's just, like, not worth it. It doesn't it's not savory. Don't call it pizza. Call it something else.

Erica [00:13:15]:

Yeah. I have this, this amazing spice called Pizza Dust, It's by The Spice Lab. It's the best thing. I think that Spice Lab has created. It's so good. It is a mix of, like, red pepper, and basil, and onion, and garlic, and sea salt, and pepper, and it's amazing. You just, like, all over. So when I make pizza at home, the bonds of pizza, I spray the entire thing with, avocado oil or olive oil or whatever the spray is that I have. And then I do Pizza Dust, and then I do salt. Perfect. I love it. I love those sponsor pizzas. Like, they're really good, and they don't make me feel -- How do you cook them? -- in my, I have a air fryer that is like a, like, a toaster oven setup. I have 2 air fryers, the pull out 1, and then the toaster oven setup. So I do that on there at the air fryer pizza 1, and it's great. Oh my god. It's great. and it's just so useful to have it. I've made it for lunch. I've made it for dinner. I mean, like, it's just so great. And I'd much rather obviously make my own pizza. But, like, these are the times where I'm like, oh my god. I totally forgot to eat lunch. What the hell am I gonna eat? And just pull it out of the freezer. So, yeah, I think they're great.

Jules [00:14:32]:

we're gonna have a short podcast today because, oh my god, I totally forgot to eat lunch. Yeah. I know. Right?

Erica [00:14:44]:

I know. I honestly, we ate ourselves out of house and home. This week, I did like this $400 whole foods trip. it was so insane because Matt went with me, and he never goes grocery shopping with me. So it's like, this and this and this and this

Jules [00:14:56]:

and this and that.

Jules [00:14:57]:

disaster in the making.

Erica [00:14:59]:

and so --

Jules [00:15:00]:

How long were you in? Oh, there's so long. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Erica [00:15:04]:

And, it was just, like, wild. So we did that. Oh my god. we had so much food and it was delicious. It was amazing to have all the snacks you could ever want. And then I looked in the fridge today. We have, like, it's like barren. There was like a tumbleweed passing by. It was nothing. But then we just got this, like, crazy shipment of taste republic, new, pumpkin -- Oh,

Jules [00:15:26]:

their pasta?

Erica [00:15:28]:

but it wouldn't be --

Jules [00:15:29]:

Is it vegan or no?

Erica [00:15:30]:

No. So I can't eat it. And then they shipped me three cases of it. So my freezer and my my chest freezer that's in my office is full, and I can't eat them. I can't get rid of them. So now we're just like, oh my god. What can we make this frozen to just, like, empty this stuff out? It's a lot. So, yeah, we're in a bit of a crisis. So as soon as you go and eat lunch after words, I have to go grocery shopping and actually go pick up, like, food that is not frozen that I can make today for, like, lunch and dinner. so -- You know what I do?

Jules [00:16:03]:

I don't know if this is gonna solve your problem for today, but what I do is I make up a big batch of homemade bagels. and I sliced them in half and I put, like, a little tear off a little piece of parchment and put it in between each slice and I put a big bag of them in my freezer at all times. So whenever I have a moment like I have today, I can always just go in my freezer and take out a half of a frozen homemade bagel because they're always better, of course. and then I just heat it up in my toaster oven and put whatever I want to.

Erica [00:16:39]:

I bake those every morning. I get in bulk from the greater need. in bulk to

Jules [00:16:44]:

the bag. Well, so then but, girl, have that if you have

Erica [00:16:47]:

it this morning, you're not gonna -- I know. -- for lunch. Although, I

Jules [00:16:50]:

have something else for breakfast, and you can have that breakfast.

Erica [00:16:52]:

I came home the other day, and I'm like, okay, I had a bagel for breakfast, and I ruined a bagel for dinner.

Jules [00:16:58]:

it's okay. You can do it.

Erica [00:16:59]:

It is. I know.

Jules [00:16:59]:

You know what you do? You then you put pizza sauce

Erica [00:17:02]:

and pizza. --

Jules [00:17:03]:

a magic sauce on top of the bagel, and you have that for dinner. And then it's different than it's a pizza bag.

Erica [00:17:09]:

There was one day, like, and and nothing I've eaten this weekend has been, like, consistent. It's like one day, I'm like, oh my god. I haven't eaten protein the entire day. And then one day I was like, I haven't had a vegetable the entire day. And I'm like, what is it's just so weird. And, like, with my digest system. Like, I need to be fairly consistent, or else it's like, what's happening? What's going on? Total panic. Yeah. yeah. Yeah. And then I went I will tell you I had the worst restaurant experience. Can I tell you about this? I please, please, lay it on me. Met my friends. They're like, we made reservations at this place, and I'm like, oh, Joy, a hotel restaurant. Those are always so great to eat at. So I looked at the menu, and I'm like, yeah, not gonna eat anything here. This is absolutely not a safe place to eat at. And so I'm like, I'll eat in advance. I got Chick fil A.

Jules [00:18:02]:

How good of friends are these that they were making reservations?

Erica [00:18:05]:

Such good friends, but they were really just like, they didn't he's like, I called and asked. And I'm like, oh my god. That's so but, like, no. But, like, so sweet. He is they're just the best nicest people because we're we're going with vegans. So they're like, they're vegan options. They have gluten free options. Fine, which is always the hardest to put everyone together like that. Yeah. So, yeah, So I had to put a pin

Jules [00:18:29]:

in that.

Erica [00:18:30]:

Oh god. Because I have

Jules [00:18:32]:

to tell you about my New York experience. Yeah. It has to do with vegan and gluten free. Oh,

Erica [00:18:37]:

no. Go.

Jules [00:18:37]:

Go. Oh my gosh. Go ahead. Go.

Erica [00:18:38]:

Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. There's a cat hair and my coffee come on.

Jules [00:18:42]:

It's better than vomit.

Erica [00:18:46]:

Cheers to that, Jules. Hey.

Jules [00:18:49]:

We both love the cats. So, you know -- .

Erica [00:18:52]:

I know. So I get there and I'm like, okay. Well, I will have a salad. So the first salad came out, and it had I'm like, okay. I'm gonna go gluten for you, for you. I looked at there. They gave me an Allergen menu with everything on it. I'm like, cool. and he goes, the only safe protein is shrimp. And I'm like, okay. Well, I'm gonna have, the salad, no dressing, no cheese, and the shrimp, and they're like, great, came out, and I'm like, oh, there was, they have a grain bowl, a heritage grain bowl, Half of that was accidentally dumped into my salad. And I'm like, it's okay. I'll eat around it. I don't I just need the appearance of eating, and I'll eat the shrimp, and I'll be okay. And I'm like, had a had a shrimp ate it, and I'm like, oh my god, that's butter. So I go back and like, hey, just quick Q, Is this shrimp and butter? He's like, yeah. And I'm like, so the whole, like, no dairy thing also applied to the protein that I needed. And he goes, oh, okay. So, like, no butter on that too. I'm like, oh my god. So he comes back and there's, like, this the I can see the chef was pissed. Everyone now has eaten their entire meal, and I finally get mine. And it is the saddest thing on the planet. It's like a $20 salad. And it was the saddest thing on the planet. There's no dressing. --

Jules [00:20:13]:

like some iceberg lettuce...

Erica [00:20:16]:

Like, and the the shrimp tasted like eggs, which I thought was weird, but there's no seasoning on the shrimp. Like, this guy was, like, afraid to season anything or, like, have anything because it was like, oh god. Well, she's clearly like a crazy bitch. So, it was the worst meal ever, so I came back and I had a bagel. And I'm like, this sucked. And and Matt's like, thank you so much for, like, sticking it out and not, like, losing your shit on the waiter. And I'm like, my god. And, like, I could tell that other people were just like, oh god. Erica's not eating. I'm like, it's fine. It's fine.

Jules [00:20:52]:

it's fine. But the but the worst part about that is when you have to pay for it. Like, it's it's fine. Like, I'll deal with it or whatever, but then you have to pay $20 for that? Like, ew. I I that's that's that. That's when it -- I

Erica [00:21:07]:

would also say the worst part is that it was only brought out to me when everyone else was done eating. So I'm like, oh, joy. Everyone gets to watch me --

Jules [00:21:16]:

But that -- what I was saying.

Erica [00:21:18]:

Like, that

Jules [00:21:18]:

the whole experience. And then you still had to pay for it. Like -- Yeah. Really?

Erica [00:21:25]:

So that's off my list. not that it was ever on my list. It was so nice to be with friends, but I'm like, I wish I just didn't eat. Like, I should have stuck to my original plan. even though he had, like, called and asked, and, yes, they did have gluten free options, but, like, apparently, because even if I would have eaten the first one around the dairy was in the shrimp, there was still half of a grain bowl that they had mistakenly dumped into this. So I'm like, there's already gluten in my salad that yeah. So, anyway, that was not awesome. Anyway. But I I will tell you, I eat a lot of bagels this week. on on accident or -- You

Jules [00:22:02]:

can emergency, frozen bagel. Yes. Yeah. No. I I mean, I I totally have the emergency, frozen bagel on like, always in my freezer. So whether whether you make them homemade like I do or you or them like we do, I mean, I think it's a go to. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Well, and I do the same thing with, I make, you know, homemade gluten free baguettes, and I always make a double. Like -- Yeah. -- because my my bread mix or my pizza makes makes makes baguettes and makes, like, a ton of baguettes. can't eat all that. And we'll eat them for a few days, but then usually there's, like, at least half of a baguette left. And so I end up slicing it in half, putting in the freezer, and then I have the emergency French bread pizza on the ready. Like, you just grab that, pull it out, slather up your pizza magic stuff or, you know, to go

Erica [00:22:53]:

Yeah. I mean, it's so good. If this tastes republic shipment was its normal, like, vegan shipment that I get if they're vegan tortelloni, I would have absolutely just made myself off a pan because that's my favorite thing to do is just make that put in some arugula, and then there's, like, the sweet basil dressing that I get, and that's what I make practically every day for lunch when I buy in bulk. I'm just like, every day I'll have vegan cheese tortelinni with arugula and sweet basil dressing, but because this stuff has butter in it and I already had the butter from the one shrimp that I had, that I thought was too delicious to be true. yeah, I'm just like, I'm just having a bagel. My emergency freezer's pack full of tortelloni, I can't eat.

Jules [00:23:40]:

Well, yeah, that's we have, we have 2 families in my neighborhood. who have kids with celiac. And then I have another family just up the street with, kids with celiac and another family male neighborhood with celiac. So So that's what I normally do whenever I get shipments from companies that have stuff in it that I can't eat. I'm like -- Yeah.

Erica [00:24:03]:

Cause I wanted Matt to try it, and I wanna photograph it. but also, like, I really wanna eat some. I mean, I'm gonna try it and obviously I'm not gonna I'm just gonna spit it out. or maybe I'll try lactate or something to see if, like, I can do butter because it's just butter. It's not cheese. So I don't know. We'll see. I just don't wanna also try it out this close to traveling. I should probably be a little bit smarter than that. Just saying.

Jules [00:24:29]:

Yeah. Don't eat don't eat the beef. Stop. It was

Erica [00:24:34]:

so good.

Jules [00:24:35]:

Oh god. Ugh. so not worth it is what it was.

Erica [00:24:39]:

I don't know. It was pretty good when I was eating it. I told my vegan friends I was talking about, all the new vegan alternatives for things, and I talked about they were talking about Yo Egg and how it was amazing. I'm like, that's great. They couldn't sample it for me without it being on bread when I was at the National Restaurant Association show, so I've never tried it. And we ended up talking about like, oh, introducing eggs again, and I got on in re-introducing beef. And I'm like, I'll tell you, I went In n Out, and it was delicious. And she's like, how'd that go for you? I'm like, not well, not well at all.

Jules [00:25:13]:

How long did you suffer, Erica?

Erica [00:25:14]:

Beef re-introduction did not go well at all.

Jules [00:25:18]:

And and just listeners. So, you know, it's not that she went to in and out and had a burger on a bun. Nope. She cannot tolerate beef, and she had a burger.

Erica [00:25:27]:

That's what has delicious too.

Jules [00:25:32]:

So guess what? In New York city there, and I think they're elsewhere as well. And I don't have the little thing you hear with me, but, there's this place called PLNT burger, p l n t burger.

Erica [00:25:44]:

You've heard of it.

Jules [00:25:46]:

Well, I was walking down the street in New York City. and they were doing sampling outside. And, they were sampling Meati. Remember Meati that I introduced you to in

Erica [00:25:58]:

mmm Mushrooms

Jules [00:26:00]:

made a mushroom, and

Erica [00:26:01]:

then you you ate it and you're like, delicious. Yeah.

Jules [00:26:04]:

Yeah. So they were sampling the Meati chicken breasts or, like, the the breaded chicken that's gluten free. So I'm like, oh, you guys are selling Meati here at your plant burger. And he said, yes. we have meaty, and they also have actual veggie burgers, and they also have Beyond burgers, all of them at plant burger. And they have a gluten free bun, and they have a gluten free wrap. and they have 2 different fryers. One's dedicated gluten free and one's not. I was like, where has this fast food joint been all my life? Can I live there? Yeah. And they have them, in several different states. And so and I think there there's some place in Maryland. not, like, in my neighborhood, but somewhere in Maryland, I'm sure it's by Montgomery County about by DC, but I'm totally checking it out because the manager I talked to at this plant burger in New York was the nicest guy, and he was so on top of it. And he, like, wrote down on this piece of paper every single thing that they had that was gluten free. There's two things on the menu that were not gluten free. And he was like, you can't have this, and you can't have this. everything else you can have. We have, like, this dedicated fryer and this and and I was like, I am so impressed. This is so cool. Did you eat there?

Erica [00:27:24]:

How cool is that? Did you eat there?

Jules [00:27:25]:

I didn't because there was so much other food that I ate. But, like, but, I mean, I went in and I I had this long conversation with him, and I I you know, I tasted the little Meati sample that they had in on the street. you know, I've tasted the meaty before, but that's what drew me in because I was like, oh, you guys are selling Meati here. And I said, yeah, we just -- How progressive have you? how progressive. Yeah. and they said that they were doing, I think they were doing, like, twice the business with the media that they were doing with their previous baked chicken or whatever. But the meaty is, you know, made of mycellium mushroom. Oh. So cool. Yeah. Yeah. Very, very cool. So your vegan friends could eat there, and you could eat there.

Erica [00:28:11]:

Yeah. We actually talked about Meati, and they're like, I just don't know if I'm in love with the texture. I'm like, It's pretty pretty accurate.

Jules [00:28:21]:

Yeah. Yeah. Well, I ate at another place called Beatnic,

Erica [00:28:25]:

Oh, yeah. I hear that super popular.

Jules [00:28:28]:

Yeah. It was, it was definitely there were less there were fewer options for gluten free people there. but one of the things that they had, which I did get where they had, like, it was like chicken strips or whatever chicken finger kind of things. but they were made of jackfruit, and they were gluten free, and they're made in an air fryer. And they were good. It was, like, gluten free, jackfruit, chicken finger things. They but it didn't it did not, in any way, shape or form, taste like or the texture was not, like, the jackfruit that you and I had. It was not, like, the cold pork jackfruit, whatever. It was, like, chicken finger texture.

Erica [00:29:14]:

Do you remember what chicken finger texture is like though, Jules?

Jules [00:29:17]:

Okay. The reason why I'm telling you this is because I bought them for the table of people I was with. And they all had them. They were like, oh my gosh. These taste like chicken fingers. Okay. And they were all, like, meat eater people. Oh, normal people. They were normal people not like me. Okay? So, yeah, and then I ate at, La Botaniste which I've eaten

Erica [00:29:40]:

that too. I love that place.

Jules [00:29:42]:

I love that place. and everything there is plant based, dairy free, and gluten free, a 100% gluten free, which is just, like, that's the dream. Yeah. You know, I know the dream. I'm like, I just wanted to snuggle up and live here. everything there is just so yummy.

Erica [00:29:59]:

Is it also very expensive? Cause I can't imagine that that place is, like, affordable.

Jules [00:30:05]:

no. I mean, I mean, look. Okay. You're in New York City, first of all. And it's not, you know, fast food. It's not fried food. It's not, you know, whatever. So it's it's not gonna be inexpensive, but it wasn't it wasn't like off the charts expensive. You it's it's kinda like a Chipotle. You know, you walk up and you're like, I want this. I want this. I want this. Like, at the at the counter. And then you go to the end, and then they give you your stuff. So it's not It's not fancy, you know, in that way. but it's lovely inside, and very homemade. You know, everything just sort of feels very fresh and, I don't know. It was really good.

Erica [00:30:49]:

Where else did I go? --

Jules [00:30:50]:

there. let's see where else did I go? my favorite was, Risotteria Melotti. I had not been there before. I usually wind up at Senza Glutine. And I was like, I'm gonna give it somewhere different. And, I loved it. It was I swear I felt like I walked in and I was in Italy. It was just this adorable, little, tiny place. And it's been around forever, and this Melotti is the family that owns it. And, it's got, like, a bar and then just a few little tables on the and a few tables outside. Kind of like a little tiny hole in

Erica [00:31:34]:

the wall

Jules [00:31:35]:

place, but, I mean, just so clean and and nice. It wasn't like the place dumps from you. No. It's not.

Erica [00:31:41]:

Gordon Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares style. Yeah. I know.

Jules [00:31:44]:

No one no one threw up and and all over the the decor. But, it was everything's gluten free, except for 2 beers on the menu.

Erica [00:31:57]:

much. No. You love it when they do that. It's like, everything's gluten free. There is a beer, though. You're like, oh my god. I'm so sad that they're like, alright. I need this one beard. It's like, come on.

Jules [00:32:07]:

I know. I know. but, yeah, it was as good as the food was, it was it was, like, the ambiance and just the experience was

Erica [00:32:18]:

-- Were you and you're able to do dairy free there too?

Jules [00:32:23]:

Mhmm. Yeah. Because so and that's why I was before I went, I called because I was like, if all the risottos have dairy

Erica [00:32:29]:

and I'm like, What a bummer. Yeah.

Jules [00:32:30]:

I don't wanna be. I know where you relegated to. And that's the problem with Senza Glutine is that, a lot of their stuff has dairy, a lot And and so I've gone there before and be like, oh, I want this. I want this. Sorry. It's got dairy. It's got dairy. It's got dairy. It's it's like there. You get very limited choices there. and when I called, there were only 2 risottos at Risotteria Melotti that you couldn't do dairy free. And so I was like, yes. Sign me up. So I got the, the there's a mushroom risotto that I got. Yeah. And so, you know, I don't eat meat, but I do eat some seafood. And

Erica [00:33:12]:

Pescatarian, selective pescatarian.

Jules [00:33:17]:

Yeah. So one of the things that I normally can't have is like fried calamari. and they had that there. And I can't get that. It sends a glue to them.

Erica [00:33:29]:

Oh, because it has dairy in the batter. Yeah.

Jules [00:33:31]:

It has, like, milk in the batter. and it didn't at, Risotteria Melotti And it was so good.

Erica [00:33:40]:

I don't remember the last time I've had gluten free fried calamari because of the dairy issue. I think it was in the place in, New Jersey when I was there last time. There's, like, this really amazing fried food place in New Jersey. but, yeah, I I I mean, because they're staring so much of this batter.

Jules [00:34:01]:

yeah, that's cool though that they had. They had so many, They had so many, desserts too, and I I was just too full to try any desserts. They bring bread to the table, and my friend who I was with, can eat anything. And she's like, oh, I really like this bread. I didn't like the bread. Like, it was fine. It the everything they make is is rice flour based. and it was a it was a really, like, squatty loaf of bread that was really dense and spongy. But if you did a plate with coil and, balsamic. And then just to soak that up. It was awesome for that. So I wouldn't just sit there and eat that bread. but it was great for soaking up the balsamic and oil. And so I was perfectly happy with it. but, you know, I wouldn't, like, buy a loaf of that bread or something you shouldn't

Erica [00:34:57]:

-- That's how I feel. At Mona Ami Gabi in Las Vegas. The only bread they have is Udi's bread that they bring out to the table. I'm like, this is disgusting, but but I'm there because I'm usually there conference, and I can't eat anything else. So I'm just like, do you have balls? They bring out with the all oil, all oil and balsamic vinegar, and I'm just like, okay. I could dip this in all. I could have a loaf of booties as long as I dip it in this with some salt. You know? Yeah. but I would never choose to eat that just on its own. But I'm like, table bread. Of course, I'll take table bread. Yeah. Give me something to dip in this. It'd be delicious.

Jules [00:35:33]:

Yeah. Yeah. and then I think the the oh, so then, we went to this place called and it was it was a total of hole in the wall, taco place. but it was almost entirely plant based, and it was a Mexican, you know, kind of thing. And largely gluten free and their chips were gluten free and, of course, really great guacamole and everything was not like you ordered fish taco or whatever fake, you know, it was the the fish tacos were made with squash. was very, very creative and unusual. and it was good. It was it was really good. It was not for everyone. You know? Yeah. If you looking for, like, real

Erica [00:36:25]:

fish tacos. Yeah. It's not for you. Not not

Jules [00:36:27]:

where you're no. They did have real fish tacos, but they were, like, fried fish tacos that you couldn't eat if you had if you're gluten free. I had I don't even remember what I had. It was, like, something made with cauliflower, and I don't remember what it was pretending to be. It tasted good.

Erica [00:36:44]:

Your friends are very nice that you're dragging them to all these, like, very strange places.

Jules [00:36:48]:

They were so nice. Yeah. They were so nice. But then the the the 2 interesting things that we did for dessert were, one was called Anita Gelato. And I don't normally gravitate to gelato places because, dairy, but, their line was out the door at this Anita Gelato place. Every single time we walked by, And, my friend was like, oh, yeah. Everyone just it's like a cult. People just love this place. It's just so good. I'm like, okay. Whatever. But they did have vegan and gluten free options there. So we we went and had, some, and it was really, really tasty. And then There was another place, and I'm gonna forget the name of it, but I I put it in my Instagram reel. it was a place out of Miami, and it's a chain. And it it was like, again, like a gelato place, but they mixed gelato. with liquor. And so you have to be 21 to go in. There's like this liquor infused gelato or whatever, but they had, like, vegan options. And, that was really kind of creative and fun too. So that was neat. It was fun. I was literally there, like, barely 2 days. So that's a lot of fun.

Erica [00:38:05]:

Yeah. It's really interesting. We're not there for that long. No.

Jules [00:38:10]:

I know. I know. I know. But, yeah. I mean, New York. I mean, come on. you I was tripping over gluten-free places

Erica [00:38:18]:

21 plus ice cream. Yeah.

Jules [00:38:25]:

It was it was really cute. And the the guy, the, the bartender there was just so nice. So, so, so nice. And it was it's such a great, business concept because I thought he was gonna, like, put, like, a scoop of gelato and then pour alcohol top numbers, like, you know, it comes premade and these things. So you just order something and he just puts this cup down and opens the lid. So it literally has one employee. And all he does, he's pretty much like a, a DJ. That's all he does. It was just so funny. He just was, like, mixing the tunes and talking to people. He was, It was really cute. He was so nice and friendly. So that was such a good time. So it's always so fun to be in New York.

Erica [00:39:12]:

Every time you talk about New York, I'm like, man, It's changed so much since I've been there. I really should go there. And then I look at, like, how -- --

Jules [00:39:19]:

a hop on a train. No. I know. I just get there.

Erica [00:39:22]:

It's such a pain in the ass to go to.

Jules [00:39:24]:

Two and a half hours. Yeah. 2 a half to 3 hours depending on which train you got. It's so easy. Yeah. It's really nice.

Erica [00:39:31]:

Cool. Good for you.

Jules [00:39:36]:

Well, all the West Coast shows that we go to, and you're just right there in a hurry. So good for you. Okay? Thank you.

Erica [00:39:44]:

So the last thing I wanna share is, Beyond Celiac has been posting a lot of recent research, which is great. they posted something, something recently that I'm like, Oh, this could be really interesting because they're positioning it as a scoring system and how to determine who needs a follow-up biopsy. And I'm like, oh, a score. You know, I love a good scoring system. This is so exciting. So we always I was always told you need a follow-up biopsy a year afterwards. Now people are saying 2 years afterwards, and some GIs are saying you don't even need a follow-up biopsy. So things have changed so much since I was diagnosed. So I'm always like, oh, tell me about this new scoring system for a follow-up biopsy. So beyond celiac, put something out about an international resource researchers coming up with a 5 point scoring system. You know, I five points. That's easy. So, basically, the scores is based on how old you were at diagnosis, the kind of symptoms you had when you were diagnosed classic or non classic, how well you responded to gluten free diet, and how well you keep a gluten free diet. So those diagnosed who are over 45 upon the age of diagnosis. So you're diagnosed when you're older. Those who had classic symptoms, so, like, the traditional symptoms of, like, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal manifestations, and those who have had a poor response to a gluten free diet or those that don't adequately follow a gluten free diet would have the highest for porting. And I'm like, duh. So I read this and I'm like, looking. I'm like, okay. So what's the oh, you know, what's the light bulb moment here? And I'm like, Oh, there is none.

Jules [00:41:26]:

It's none.

Erica [00:41:27]:

It's kinda just like a,

Jules [00:41:28]:

oh, yeah.

Erica [00:41:29]:

They're trying to put a mechanized scoring system in place to qualitative information that's kinda like, duh. You know, like, obviously, if you're diagnosed in older age, you've already had so many years of intense small damage that that would make sense to see if you're healing because some it takes almost 10 years to heal in some people. So, of course, they would need to follow-up biopsy. They've had so much damage to overcome. those who have had a poor response to the gluten free diet, duh, those that don't adequately follow gluten free diet, like, yeah, a course, if you're not following the diet, you wouldn't expect to heal. so it was really interesting that they put this out. I'm kinda like, a team of international researchers came together for this and like, Okay. So it it it it's interesting that they're trying to put together

Jules [00:42:24]:

this study. -- this, and I was wondering if this was secondary. Like, if they were doing research on other things, and they were like, oh, we also happened to gather this data at the same time. Yeah. So you know, right.

Erica [00:42:38]:

And I and I think that this is all kind of, like, innate information that we would assume based on what we know about celiac disease. but I will say, you know, they do go on in the end of the study to just say, like, yes. It is common to have persistent intestinal damage just in general for those with celiac disease. And I think that makes sense I know a lot of people who have celiac disease who eat a lot of things that, like, I personally wouldn't choose to eat, but they're just, like, living their life. and they may not and if you eat out symptoms. Yeah. I mean, we know from the doggy bag study, if you eat out, like, at all, you are getting gluten exposure, but not to the point of, like, possible intestinal damage, but they're saying like, and it's pretty common. Kinda have intestinal damage happening over and over again. So it's, I don't know. I think we're gonna put the the study up on our liner notes so you can read it, but I think it's always just good to know, like, yes, if you don't, If you're not on the gluten free diet, you're gonna have to have another biopsy, and it's gonna show

Jules [00:43:49]:

that you still have damage. You get punished, but having to have a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. Well, and I think part of part of the issue too is, like, okay, it's it's expensive. right, to have these these things done. And it's they're not without risk. Yeah. To have to have the anesthesia and to have to undergo an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. It's not totally without risk, and they are expensive you know, you and I were talking, before about, you know, me getting ready to have an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. And just the cost. I mean, I have, for all intents and purposes, I have good health insurance. I'm now I'm self I'm self insured. health insurance. But, good health insurance, meaning I pay a lot for my health insurance.

Jules [00:44:34]:

to pay a ton. Yeah. But but I but, you know, just the cost of having to do an endoscopy be and a colonoscopy, it's gonna be a few $1000 out of pocket for me. So, you know, if they can come up with, a way to say, okay. You don't need this or you don't needed this as often, then that would be helpful for

Erica [00:44:56]:

a lot of people.

Jules [00:44:56]:

I think that that's what they're trying to do. obviously, if you're having symptoms, if you're having problems, you know, all of these things

Erica [00:45:02]:

-- You're not following the gluten free diet

Jules [00:45:06]:

But they just they don't want people to be like, okay. You have to have these procedures.

Erica [00:45:09]:

-- Which I which is what, several GI's learned about with celiac disease is you have to have all the biopsies on the regular. And it's like, no. You don't. Right. Right. But I think it's and especially for kids too,

Jules [00:45:20]:

you don't want to have to put the kids through.

Erica [00:45:22]:

Yeah. especially for parents who are like, okay. My kid has the gene, but they're not having symptoms. How often do I have to have an intestinal biopsy on my kid to see if they're getting celiac? or if they have signed with celiac or whatever. Yeah. It's it's -- Right. -- I get why they're doing it, but I kinda read the study looking for, like, oh, tell me more. And it's like, oh, Okay.

Jules [00:45:41]:

There isn't -- Kind of a buffer. Common sense.

Erica [00:45:43]:

But it always says that, like, they're still looking for the biomarker that they could use for intestinal damage because that's the whole problem. Right? Like, your numbers and your blood don't necessarily line up to the intestinal damage that you have. That's why they pair the blood with the biopsy, the serology with the biopsy, but they're always looking for that one biomarker that they can say, hey, This means that you actually have intestinal inflammation and damage going on in your intestines with the potential for damage, but we're still waiting on that. So stay tuned.

Jules [00:46:16]:

Yeah. When we know, you'll know.

Erica [00:46:18]:

So -- Dude, hopefully, the universe will know because I would love to know. until then, there are some pretty cool research things going on. Dr. Shayna Coburn just got, I think, a research grant or just had a research grant to study teens. with ongoing gluten exposure for behavioral problems. It's just there's some cool stuff going on. I will be going to ACG in October and there's not a ton of new celiac research that's being presented. I looked through the book already. but I will have some information for you. again, that's until October. But until then, we'll keep sharing whatever we find here on the you had made a podcast.

Jules [00:46:56]:

Alright. Well, I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, and stay tuned for more from us. We will be traveling in the next few weeks. We've got Natural Products Expo East coming up. So we'll have some really fun stuff to report back in terms of new gluten free products.

Erica [00:47:12]:

Oh, yeah.

Jules [00:47:12]:

And some fun interviews from that. so we, we have some great programming coming up for you in the the fall. So I'm looking forward to sharing some new stuff.

Erica [00:47:22]:

Yep. Thanks for listening, and we will see you on our next episode of You Had Me At Eat

Jules [00:47:35]:

If you like this episode, make sure you rate it on your podcast provider,

Erica [00:47:39]:

and subscribe so you don't miss any of our episodes.

Jules [00:47:43]:

You had me at Eat.

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