You Had Me At Eat

Episode 33: Best of Expo West 2023: Best Gluten-Free Savory Foods

April 22, 2023 You Had Me At Eat Season 1 Episode 33
You Had Me At Eat
Episode 33: Best of Expo West 2023: Best Gluten-Free Savory Foods
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In this episode, Jules & Erica pick their favorite gluten-free savory foods from Natural Products Expo West 2023! These are the salty & spicy finds that will soon appear on your store shelves! And yes, there are still some housewares highlights!
Holidaily gluten-free beer
Nordic Ware haunted skull cake pan
Dreamfarm Fluicer
Taste Republic Tomato and Feta tortelloni 
Jovial Vegan Mac & Cheese
All Clean Food Porcini Mushroom Pasta
ZenB Agile Bowl
gfJules "Tuna" noodle casserole bake recipe 
Maya Kaimal Creamy Spiced Butternut Heat & Serve Soup
Saffron Road Delhi potatoes
Noble Made DF Buffalo Sauce 
Coconut Secret Chef-Inspired Asian Sauces
Fabalish Ranch Dressing
Chef's Life cooking oils
Emile Henry Oil Cruet
Filippo Berio
Vegan Pesto
Top Seedz
Fit Joy Classic Grain Free Cracker Rounds
Quinn Pizzeria Cheezy Filled Nuggets
Kibo Lentil Chips Maui Onion
Mary's Gone Crackers Cheese Crackers
Simple Mills Pop Mmms Veggie Flour Baked Snack Crackers
Rhythm Superfoods Shishito Peppers
Popadelics Crunchy Mushroom Chips
Jeni's Chinese Five Spice Tofu
Octonuts macadamia nut oil and savory roasted almonds
Unbound Walnuts
Bhuja Beer Mix
Brazi Bites Everything Brazilian Cheese Bread 
Feel Good Foods Fried Pickles, Everything Stuffed Bagels, Jalapeno Bites

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It's a Holidaily Beer crowler kind of day
Yes, we're still talking about The Inspired Home Show, Nordic Ware, Dreamfarm and housewares
Taste Republic new feta pasta
Jovial Foods new vegan gluten-free mac and cheese
All Clean Food
ZenB Pasta and meal kits
Maya Kaimal
Saffron Road
Noble Made / New Primal
Coconut Secret
Chef's Life Pasta
Filippo Berio
Top Seedz - Interview
Fit Joy crackers
We have a Quinn problem
Kibo lentil chips
Mary's Gone Crackers vegan cheese crackers
Simple Mills
Rhythm Superfoods
Popadelics mushroom chips
Jeni's tofu
Octonuts + interview
Unbound walnuts
Majans Bhuja gluten-free beer snack mix
Brazi Bites
Feel Good Foods